Police: Safety Tips For The Cup Match Period

August 1, 2018

In advance of the Cup Match holiday, the police are urging people who may “see anything suspicious” to please “pass whatever information you have on to the police.”

A police spokesperson said, “If you see anything suspicious please pass whatever information you have on to the police. This includes but not limited to:

  • Suspicious persons in cars or on bikes, with dark colored clothing and with their faces covered or persons lurking around homes or businesses acting suspiciously.
  • People who have been drinking and acting irrational and belligerent.
  • Children who are at risk.
  • Anyone who appears to be spiking or putting foreign substances in drinks at liquor licensed premises or events, try not to throw away the beverage, keep it for the authorities, alert Bar/event staff and notify police.
  • If you know of anyone planning any antisocial behavior, contact police.
  • If you are at a beach party, house party, at Cup Match, or at one of the many events over the Cup Match Holiday Weekend and you sense something is about to happen and you feel unsafe contact event security, and if necessary contact Police
  • If you notice anyone on the water operating a watercraft or driving car or riding a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol and or drugs contact police.

“It should be noted the police because of the anticipated high volume of calls will prioritize calls on the order of importance.

“Always remember if you see something, say something.”


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  1. Wahoo says:

    Also be on the lookout for politicians acting suspicioulsy and napping on the job.

  2. Maddog says:

    Would road safety include, say, refraining from driving around Hamilton talking to a motorcyclist riding along beside you?

    It doesn’t seem like there is any consequence for doing that. For some people.

  3. Bullwinkle T. Mooseknuckle says:

    Congrats BP’s…thank you for your services…I applaud you professional deport during this holiday.
    Morover thank you Bermuda for your understanding of our holiday and it’s import.

  4. Bullwinkle T. Mooseknuckle says:

    Love and respect.