OT Student Conference In London In November

September 4, 2018

The UK Overseas Territories Association announced details of their third Overseas Students conference, to take place on Saturday 3rd November 2018 at the Natural History Museum [Flett Events Theatre], London.

“The conference is open to students studying in the UK from all territories that are members of UKOTA. The event presents a great opportunity for students from a wide range of cultures to come together and celebrate their shared histories and distinctiveness at the same time,” the announcement said.

“The theme of the 2018 Conference is ‘Identity’, something that resonates strongly amongst the Overseas Territories. At a time of change in the UK with the imminent departure from the European Union, both the UK and its Overseas Territories are reflecting upon their historic ties and cultural identity.

“Students have been invited to produce a short film depicting their homeland, under the broad theme of ‘Identity’. Films will be shown at the conference in the Flett Events Theatre as part of an Overseas Territories film festival, and judged by the political and cultural geography academics Dr Alastair Pinkerton [University of London] and Dr Matt Benwell [Newcastle University]. The academics will then use their Overseas Territory specialist knowledge to lead a discussion on the themes coming out of the students’ original film work.

The Natural History Museum hosts will also be fielding speakers to highlight the vast range of specimens held at the museum from UK Overseas Territories across the globe. Students will get the opportunity to visit collections behind the scenes to see specimens relating to their various Overseas Territories.”

The UKOTA Chair Eric Bush, Cayman Islands Representative in the UK, said: “We are delighted to be holding the important UKOTA student conference, where the future generation of Overseas Territory citizens get to meet, interact and share areas of common interest and celebrate differences.

“We are particularly grateful to the prestigious Natural History Museum for generously hosting the event. The Museum offers both fantastic facilities and a genuine insight into the various Overseas Territories, seen through the enormous collection of exhibits gathered from around the globe.”

Dr Mark Carine, Principal Curator in Charge of the Algae, Fungi and Plants Division remarked: “We are very pleased and excited to be working with the UK Overseas Territories and their students and to have the opportunity to discuss the huge and important collections gathered from around the world over the centuries.

“We are also keen to highlight the on-going modern day scientific work still taking place in the Overseas Territories, with current Natural History Museum scientists. We hope that the students gain a wider understanding of their endemic flora and fauna and their importance in global biodiversity and to their own cultural identity.”

UKOTA is encouraging students from the Overseas Territories who are in the UK to register for this event and follow @UKOTSTUDENTS Facebook page for further information and updates about the event.

All information and registration details can be found at: www.ukota.org/studentconference18. Further enquiries regarding the student conference or the Film Festival can be sent to ukota@angeloversees.com or deputyrep@falklands.gov.fk.

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