Photos & Video: St David’s Win Eastern County

September 2, 2018

[Updated with photos] Celebrations broke out at the Sea Breeze Oval as St. David’s Cricket Club claimed the 2018 Eastern County Cup Championship title after defeating Cleveland County.

Challengers St. David’s Cricket Club won the toss and sent Cleveland County to bat in the Eastern County Cup Final Round match at the Sea Breeze Oval.

Cleveland County were bowled out for 155, Dion Stovell was the top scorer with 69, Stovell faced 11 balls, hitting 6 fours and 1 six, George O’Brien was the pick of the St. David’s cricket Club bowlers with figures of 18-1-41-4.

In reply St. David’s Cricket Club scored 161/7 in 34.5 overs, Man of the Match Lionel Cann was the top scorer with 62 off 38 balls, Cann hit 3 fours and 6 sixes, Makai Young was the pick of the Cleveland County bowlers with figures of 9.5-0-54-3.


Cleveland County Inning

  • ..13 (44) Mishael Paynter c George O’Brien b Justin Pitcher
  • ..22 (77) Curtis Jackson LBW Cejay Outebridge
  • ..10 (11) Q’shai Darrell b George O’Brien
  • ..04 (11) Steven Bremar Jr b George O’Brien
  • ..69 (111) Dion Stovell LBW Delyone Borden
  • ..01 (02) Dennis Musson b George O’Brien
  • ..07 (14) Maki McGowen Run Out
  • ..06 (09) Makai Young st Chris Douglas b Delyone Borden
  • ..06 (15) Isaiah Creighton LBW George O’Brien
  • ..04 (35) Lavar Talbot c Loren Marshall b Delyone Borden
  • ..01 (03) Jelani Richardson Not Out
  • ..12 Extras (5lb-3nb-4w)’
  • 155 Total All Out after 55 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-32 (Darrell), 2-38 (Bremar), 3-38 (Paynter), 4-52 (Musson), 5-81 (McGowen), 6-113 (Jackson), 7-120 (Young), 8-129 (Creighton), 9-154 (Stovell), 10-155 (Talbot)

St. David’s Cricket Club Bowlers

  • 18.-1-41-4 George O’Brien
  • 11.-2-30-1 Cejay Outebridge
  • 4.0-0-20-1 Justin Pitcher
  • 6.0-0-33-0 Chare Smith
  • 16.-2-26-3-Delyone Borden

St. David’s Cricket Club Inning

  • ..03 (16) Delyone Borden b Dion Stovell
  • ..00 (04) Ankoma Cannonier LBW Dion Stovell
  • ..18 (20) Chris Douglas c Steven Bremar Jr b Dennis Musson
  • ..34 (37) Macai Simmons Run Out
  • ..15 (74) Loren Marshall c Mishael Paynter b Makai Young
  • ..62 (38) Lionel Cann c Mishael Paynter b Makai Young
  • ..01 (08) George O’Brien c Mishael Paynter b Makai Young
  • ..01 (06) Justin Pitcher Not Out
  • ..08 (07) Rudell Pitcher Not Out
  • ..19 Extras (7b-4lb-1nb-7w)
  • 161 Total for 7 Wickets after 34.5 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-6 (Cannonier), 2-9 (Borden), 3-27 (Douglas), 4-75 (Simmons), 5-107 (Marshall), 6-138 (O’Brien), 7-150 (Cann)

Cleveland County Bowlers

  • 13.-2-58-1 Dennis Musson
  • 7.0-2-13-2 Dion Stovell
  • 9.5-0-54-3 Makai Young
  • 4.0-0-13-0 Jelani Richardson
  • 1.0-0-12-0 Isaiah Creighton

St. David’s Cricket Club Win by 3 Wickets.

Cleveland County 155 St. David’s Cricket Club 161/7

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Comments (4)

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  1. Honestly says:

    Now St. George’s! That’s how you play and win a cricket game! Stop the nonsense and pick a real team!

    • PBanks says:

      Let St. David’s play St. George’s for the right to play Somerset’s Cup Match team for the trophy? Heh.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        St. George’s wouldn’t stand a chance, have you been paying attention to the season?

  2. Warrior says:

    Makai Jones, may you continue to be enthusiastic, focused, driven in all facets of life. You show the Warrior spirit that continues to thrive in St. David’s, Cleveland and Flatts.
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching you play in this years county…. passionate… oh man.
    A word of advice to St. Georges selectors for 2019. Select players who have heart, spirit, strong desire, determination, passion n this young man is a MUST for 2019. Selecting players who have talent alone is no longer acceptable and when it comes to the crunch and become overwhelmed rather than pull deep from within, leave them as spectator’s. Should you continue to select them you need to change your selectors to those who have the hearts of WARRIORS.

    My Warriors thank you for a fantastic season
    And may you all continue to carry the fervor from the field into your lives and our Community and encourage our youth to hold up the banner of Champions for life. Proud of you all.

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