Banks Fishing As Investigation Launches In UK

November 2, 2018

The UK National Crime Agency confirmed it “initiated an investigation” concerning Leave.EU and individuals including Arron Banks, and as the news broke yesterday, Mr Banks tweeted that he was “fishing in Bermuda” and then sent a subsequent tweet of a photo of himself titled “gone fishing.”

Arron Banks tweet Nov 2018

According to the BBC, the National Crime Agency is “investigating Arron Banks and his Leave.EU campaign for alleged offences committed at the 2016 EU referendum.

“Mr Banks and another senior campaign figure, Liz Bilney, were referred to the agency by the Electoral Commission. The watchdog said it suspected Mr Banks was not the “true source” of loans to the campaign and the money had come “from impermissible sources”.

“Under UK law, loans and donations to registered campaigners can only come from permissible sources, which essentially excludes overseas or foreign funding.”

“Mr Banks denied any wrongdoing and said he welcomed the police investigation. He said he was ‘confident that a full and frank investigation will finally put an end to the ludicrous allegations levelled against me and my colleagues”.

Mr Banks also tweeted earlier this year that he was visiting the island, saying back in July that he was in Bermuda along with former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who was another key figure in the pro-Brexit campaign in the UK.

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  1. legalgal says:

    I guess the NCA know where to go fishing! Not great publicity for Bermuda.

  2. Shizter says:

    Typical! In Bermuda showing off after schnoozing his way to fake wealth.
    Go home and face the music punk!!!

  3. eyes wide open says:

    He was in good company!

  4. Sensationalist headline. says:

    Dude is on holiday. Not our business.

    Thanks for coming.

    You can deal with your issues when you get home.


  5. Fish On !! says:

    Great Place for fishing ! Good publicity for tourism !

    • Family Man says:

      Bermuda really doesn’t want to become known as a holiday destination for racists and crooks.

      Oh, wait … never mind.