Official Notices Available At Library & Archives

November 28, 2018

The Ministry for the Cabinet Office is advising that “members of the public wishing to view copies of Government’s Official Notices, can visit either the Bermuda National Library or the Government Archives.”

“The Ministry notes that the Department of Libraries & Archives will print the Official Notices as part of a Government and public record. Members of the public visit the main library, Queen Street or the Government Archives, basement level Government Administration Building, Parliament Street to view them,” a spokesperson said.

“The public will recall that the Official Gazette moved to the government website on November 1st. Now, all Government Notices, Bermuda Regulations, and Government Legal Notices can be found online.

“The Ministry pointed out that some government notices will continue to be published in other media entities to ensure the widest possible distribution of the content,” the spokesperson added.

As readers may have noticed, following the change to notices being published on the Government website, Bernews also publishes them, which is on an unofficial and unpaid basis, and we normally post them in the evening Mondays – Fridays.

The Ministry spokesperson added, “The Government recognizes the need to embrace a rapidly changing technological landscape, and the shift from using a traditional newspaper to the use of an online tool is consistent with Government’s move towards becoming an innovative, digital leader.”

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