‘Commitment To Professionalism And Fairness’

February 25, 2024 | 3 Comments

In light of recent media reports, the Customs Department said they “wish to clarify the procedures and efficiency that relates to the clearance of imported goods into the Island.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Emphasising its commitment to professionalism and fairness, the Department wishes to underscore that 99 percent of all goods imported into Bermuda are released without incident, and with the helpful reliability and professionalism the public should expect.”

Collector of Customs Lucinda Pearman stated, “Our team endeavours at all times to be proficient and polite while ensuring the clearance of imported goods is conducted efficiently.”

“The rare instances of delay are predominantly due to late declarations and the submission of incomplete or false documentation by the relevant importers or their agents. Importers of prohibited and counterfeit goods may expect their goods to be seized by Customs.”

The Government spokesperson said, “The Department operates strictly within the confines of the law, and treats every entity and individual with respect and without fear or favour.”

“We pride ourselves on our integrity and impartiality in all Customs clearance procedures,” added Mrs Pearman.

“We invite anyone experiencing undue delays in the Customs clearance process to contact us at customs@gov.bm.”

The Minister of National Security Michael Weeks also commented, “The Department of Customs is a critical player in maintaining the security and economic stability of our Island.

“We must recognise that most interactions with the Department are completed without complaint. This reality reflects our customs clearance processes’ high standards and effectiveness.”

The Government spokesperson said, “The Government encourages individuals and businesses to review Customs web content on the Government Portal for comprehensive information and guidance on customs clearance procedures.

“Additionally, the Customs Departments’ homepage offers a wealth of resources to ensure declaration documentation is correctly prepared, aiming to mitigate potential delays.”

“We are focused on continuous improvement and open dialogue with the community to promote informed compliance with Customs laws and to ensure that Bermuda’s Customs operations serve the needs of all stakeholders effectively,” concluded Minister Weeks.

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  1. The exray building indicates electrolisis
    Needs zincs put onnit or a lead curtain.

  2. Some beach says:

    The amount of duty place on freon is more than actual cost , grocers need this for fresh produce and imported meat…we pay more taxes through duty to pave our roads regular , and have free electricity. Where is the money going please?…people have organized a new golf tournament played pot hole to pot hole in third world destinations….National Geographic is documenting and is recruting gombey troops to play during intermissions and at trophy presentation.

  3. Mumbojumbo says:

    Try fairness to your people ?

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