RA On Electricity Sector Service Standards

December 18, 2018

Bermuda’s electricity sector will soon be guided by Service Standards set by the Regulatory Authority, the RA announced today.

A draft General Determination [GD] and Order for Service Standards is currently open for public consultation and the Authority invites interested parties to comment on the document by January 15th, 2019.

Regulatory Authority Senior Legal Advisor, Monique Lister explained, “This General Determination [GD] sets forth the Service Standards to be used by the electricity sector and will measure licensees’ performance to industry best practice in specific areas.

“That includes customer service levels, reliability, efficiency and quality of electricity supply to end users, environmental impact and safety. The efficiency measures also address public concerns around price and affordability.”

“The Authority’s role in the protection of consumer interests, specifically with regards to electricity prices and affordability, is primarily executed through the regulation of tariffs. A rate review is currently underway, using the retail tariff methodology developed and published by the Authority in October 2018,” the RA said,

Ms. Lister said, “To determine the performance indicators, the Authority will access the licensees’ historical performance and will review standards from similar jurisdictions and establish benchmarks. The aim is to achieve a high-level of customer service and technical performance.”

The Service Standards Preliminary Report, GD and Order are published on the Authority website. The public and sector providers are invited to comment on the document by January 15th, 2019.

The Service Standards Preliminary Report follows below [PDF here]:

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