Photos: NOVA Mas Int’l. At BHW Band Launch

January 21, 2019

Bermuda Heroes Weekend [BHW] hosted their official Band Launch on Sunday [Jan 20] at The Shed in Dockyard. Party People Mas, Code Red BDA and NOVA Mas International all entertained the audience with their eye-catching costumes and musical entertainment.

A BHW spokesperson previously said, “NOVA Mas International gives us the presentation, Revelations…The Lost Civilizations. On this transcendent voyage, you will discover an astonishing truth. The great civilizations we have all revered, never vanished, they were simply transformed. They guarantee a magical journey, where masqueraders following the signs, will surely fulfil an ancient prophecy.”


A NOVA Mas spokesperson said, NOVA Mas International was established in 2015 and band leaders/directors include Seldon Woolridge & Chesney Pearman. NOVA Mas International is committed to deliver an exceptional Bermuda Heroes Weekend event to both local and international millennials.

The 2019 theme is “REVELATION: The Lost Civilizations”. The theme was inspired by ancient civilizations embodying glory, mystery, celebration, power, majesty and royalty. The great civilizations didn’t vanish, they transformed! The Ancients have shown us the way; now we must RULE THE ROAD! 2019 Registration is open.

Six sections, six designers:

  • Nubia inspired by Ancient Egypt and designed by Shawn Dhanraj
  • Indra inspired by Indus Valley and designed by Rawle Permanand
  • Makeda inspired by Kingdom of Axum and designed by Marie Collette
  • Inti inspired by Inca Empire and designed by Alejandro Gomez
  • Culhua inspired by Aztec Empire and designed by David Dewer
  • Mitanni inspired by Mesopotamia and designed by Daryl Cox

For further information email or click here to register.

“Title sponsors for 2019 include Digicel and Goslings. Supporting sponsors include Pepsi, People’s Pharmacy, Bella Bella, Impressions Hair Artistry, O’Faces, and Sunshine Company. International marketing partners and affiliates include Aura, Yuma and Caesar’s Army.

“NOVA Mas has facilitated a Carnival Costume Production workshop with the support of the Department of Community & Cultural Affairs. This one of a kind workshop is taught by NOVA’s signature costume designer, Designing Daryl. NOVA’s program has provided an opportunity for a few talented Bermudian participants to have an apprenticeship under the direction of a leading international carnival costume designer.”

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  1. Lisa says:

    Phenomenal costumes!!!

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