Photos: Party People Mas At BHW Band Launch

January 21, 2019

Bermuda Heroes Weekend [BHW] hosted their official Band Launch on Sunday [Jan 20] at The Shed in Dockyard. Party People Mas, Code Red BDA and NOVA Mas International all entertained the audience with their eye-catching costumes and musical entertainment.

A spokesperson previously said, “Seductive, yet sinister, Party People Mas are pulling no punches as they deliver sensual savagery with the raucous energy of their exhibition, Beautiful Beast. Masqueraders can choose to slay or be slain, as they commemorate their 5th anniversary, with an ode to beastly olden folktales. The ones that forever captivate our thoughts, and whisper about deadly dark women of exceptional beauty calling men to their blissful unrepentant doom.”


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  1. Poor says:

    Absolutely disgusting display of T&A! What is the Island turning into? Debachery and lust and then when bad things happen we wonder why? You all need Jesus!

    • PBanks says:

      not a fan of the costumes either I take it

      • Fact says:

        I must agree that this has gone too far with some people not using mirrors in their house and should stay at home vs wearing such provocative costumes! And if Bermuda needs a strip club then let’s get one instead of parading these disgusting displays in the public streets!

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