Premier Burt To Attend World Economic Forum

January 17, 2019

Premier David Burt will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland along with the BDA’s Andy Burrows and Fintech consultant Denis Pitcher, with the Premier saying they will use the “opportunity to advance this Government’s agenda for growth and economic diversification” and “promote Bermuda as a leading jurisdiction for international companies.”

Premier Burt said, “With recent events in the EU and the United Kingdom, it is important that Bermuda take an active role in promoting our economy overseas and reminding global business leaders why Bermuda is different.”

“This year, I have been extended an invitation in my capacity as Premier of Bermuda to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This is of particular significance as I am the only Overseas Territory Leader to have been invited to attend and be among world leaders engaged in important issues that impact the global agenda; issues that are vitally important to Bermudians and Bermuda.

“While in Davos I will participate in a series of meetings and discussions on global topics, ranging from technology and education to social issues and the environment. Joining me in Davos will be Mr. Andy Burrows, CEO of the Bermuda Business Development Agency, and Mr. Denis Pitcher, FinTech consultant to the Government of Bermuda.

“We will be using this excellent opportunity to advance this Government’s agenda for growth and economic diversification, while we continue to promote Bermuda as a leading jurisdiction for international companies.

“We will also use the platform to meet with global companies that have Bermuda entities, but no physical presence, to discuss our approach to economic substance and why Bermuda will be the right choice for multi-national corporations to establish physical operations to meet the new global requirements.

“We will also speak to foreign investment opportunities in Bermuda, in international business, infrastructure development and hospitality and tourism.

“The way the world does business is changing and Bermuda cannot afford to be on the sidelines. Bermuda is a well-respected financial centre and we have a well-educated and eager working population, able and ready to be retrained and retooled for the jobs that can be moved to Bermuda.

“We must take every opportunity to tell the story of our history with hosting companies with substance on-Island.

“The World Economic Forum in Davos will continue to raise the visibility of Bermuda, so people can learn more about what it is that we’re looking to do and how that we can create additional economic growth, which will provide more jobs.”

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  1. 2 Bermudas says:

    Good on you for getting an invite but you should spend less time on Blockchain and Crpyto and more about inviting businesses to Bermuda on the wave of the EU Substance Act and Brexit.

  2. eyes wide open says:

    They will smile and shake his hand and then laugh behind his back about how easy he is to be conned over Fake Gold bitcoin and then the Titty Milk comments will be repeated again

    • Titty Milk Honestly says:

      Do you think anyone at Davos will even remember where Bermuda is much less remember a debasing vile sexist comment made by a small town politican.

      I wouldn’t worry too much with this!

  3. Dready says:

    Glad to see our Premier is flying around the world and spending money having fun!

  4. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Another trip!!!??? Must be nice.

  5. jerry says:

    Trump cancelled no need to go now and showboat

  6. J J says:

    Mr Premier, It is good to see that the special invitation given to our small island micro state is the only one for a British Overseas Territory.

    I am sure the Ferrero Rocher will be out at the Ambassador’s party.

  7. Bermuda Taxpayers money well spent? says:

    Gloomy forecast for Davos: crises aplenty, but few world leaders

  8. question says:

    Davos is a forum for rich elites to suck up to each other, show off, and pretend they are important. It is irrelevant to real life. It is disgusting that an entourage of public servants will be going to this useless event paid for by taxpayers.