ABIR Members Offering Student Internships

February 28, 2019

The Association of Bermuda Insurers & Reinsurers [ABIR] and its members are gearing up for a busy summer of opportunities for Bermuda’s students, offering valuable internships at some of the leading international re/insurance companies.

“As we cap off Insurance Careers Month, there is no better time to highlight the career introductions ABIR members make to Bermuda students through summer internships,” said John Huff, Chief Executive of ABIR. “Bermuda’s success as a leading international re/insurance market depends on the continued pipeline of Bermuda talent.”

“ABIR’s most recent economic survey [2017] showed ABIR members employed 1,495 full-time staff in Bermuda, of which 1,044 were Bermudians, spouses of Bermudians, or permanent residence certificate holders [PRCs]—an increase of 2.6% since 2016, and 7% since 2007. The share of payroll that went to Bermudians, spouses and PRCs also increased, by 3%, in 2017,” the organisation noted.

“ABIR members continue to invest in a vibrant local workforce and provided 55 intern jobs to Bermudians in 2017. Seven ABIR members held graduate training programs for Bermudian employees; members also offered other training and development opportunities, such as tuition reimbursement and leadership training.

“Bermuda students are hearing a lot about the island’s global business market this week. A campaign to connect Bermuda’s young people with international companies kicked off Monday, with school visits, mentorship programmes, scholarships promotion, and a new animated video highlighting the economic impact of global industries on the island.”

“ABIR has a long history of supporting the development of the Bermuda economy by providing international internships and other professional development opportunities to Bermudians,” said said Albert Benchimol, President & CEO of Axis Capital and Chair of ABIR.

“Bermuda’s reinsurance and insurance markets are critical to managing risk in the international, economy, and the success is only possible with highly qualified and well-trained talent.”

ABIR added, “Here is sampling of summer internship opportunities at Bermuda’s leading insurers/reinsurers. Students should note some 2019 applications have closed, and others have upcoming deadlines.

Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers [ABIR]

Intern position for a Bermudian college/university student to work in policy and regulation within the re/insurance sector for six weeks during the summer 2019. Applications close March 6. See www.abir.bm for more details. Send resume and essay by March 6 to policy@abir.bm.


Hosting eight to 10-week paid internship. Combines on-the-job learning and formal training, including lunch-and-learns with business leaders, a volunteer day, and a group project assignment. Applications are closed for 2019.

Hamilton Insurance Group

Interns are being selected now. Applications are closed for 2019.


A limited number of intern positions for Bermudian college and university students across various departments during the summer of 2019. The details regarding each internship vary. Applications close March 11. Visit: careers@renre.com

Qatar Reinsurance Company

A four-to-six-week opportunity, paid, for university students only. Duties will include varied work to support activities of the company, including preparing calculations, gathering data, responding to ad-hoc requests for support etc. Applications being accepted until June 1st. Contact: Aoife Burke:aburke@qregroup.com


The Validus Student Program endorses a holistic approach to student development providing practical experience. Successful applicants will join dynamic teams handling a variety of tasks over the course of the summer, attend weekly industry and career-focused seminars with industry leading professionals, and participate in a variety of other activities. 8+ weeks opportunity, paid. Closing date is March 1. Visit here.

The Validus Summer Student Program follows below [PDF here]:

Validus Summer Student Program Bermuda Feb 2019

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