Court: Man Brandishes BB Gun In England

February 26, 2019

A Bermudian man who walked down the road in England wearing a mask and “brandishing a BB gun has admitted his actions were ‘stupid’ but says he never intended to cause fear,” according to a report in the Hull Daily Mail.

The report said, “Tyevon Bean, 29, was convicted at Hull Crown Court last week after it heard he went down one of Hull’s busiest streets wearing a hockey mask and waving the imitation firearm.

“He and his accomplice were caught out after a bus driver says he witnessed the duo ‘pointing’ the gun at a woman in a bus stop – which Bean denies.

“Bean said he and a friend had bought the imitation firearm from a shop and started out shooting cans on what was ‘a nice sunny day’ in June 2017.

“He said when he grew bored of shooting cans, the pair wandered down Beverley Road.

“Events took a turn for the worst though, when Bean, originally from Bermuda, was arrested after reports from passers-by that a gun had been pointed at a lady waiting at a nearby bus stop.

He said: “In Bermuda, you cannot buy any sort of gun, even a BB gun, so when we spotted one in the shop we just thought it was pretty cool. We started out shooting at empty cans, but I got bored of that and it was a nice sunny day, so we went for a walk.”

“Bean admitted a charge of affray in Hull Crown Court, and was sentenced to 180 hours of unpaid work as part of a 12-month community order.

“He said he was now worried the sentence would prevent him from getting jobs in the future, and revealed his aspirations to open his own Bermudian restaurant.

“I have a six-year-old son at home in Bermuda, who one day I would like to bring across to the UK,” he said.

“I came here wanting to turn my life around. I want to open an authentic restaurant with fish from Bermuda, and use it as a stepping stone to help other people from the country open their own business.

“I want to have a positive impact on the community. I know what I did was wrong, and that is why I pleaded guilty to affray.”

You can read the full story here on Hull Daily Mail.

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