Health Council Provider Advantage Programme

February 14, 2019

The Bermuda Health Council has announced the re-launch of its voluntary registration, Provider Advantage Programme, which is available to the island’s more than 300 health sector businesses.

A spokesperson said, “As the island’s leading repository of health services, the Council’s intake and update process records vital information about local staffing and technology needs, which are important for health system planning and decision-making.

“While this programme is not mandated, the materials submitted by participating providers give residents important information about the healthcare choices available to them.”

Mr. Sandro Fubler, the Chair of the Council’s Quality & Standards Committee and an allied health professional stated: “The revamped registration programme helps to modernize the registration process, promotes transparency for the public, and mitigates some of the risks that were associated with the previous registration process.

“This informs all in Bermuda about service availability and variety, and encourages organizational consideration of health & safety, and governance practices that promote safety for the service user.”

“To that end, health businesses will now be able to apply for registration exclusively online”, the spokesperson said. “The registration period will be for two years, with the next re-registration cycle starting in November 2020. In addition to a new technology-driven process, health businesses will now be given the option of three different levels of registration: Basic, Advanced, and Premier.

“Each level reflects a business’ ability to provide information to the public concerning various aspects of their services, such as quality indicators or accreditation. The criteria for, and details of the registration levels are as follows:

“Basic Level – Complete the online application form and provide required supplemental documents. This level of registration does not comment on a health service provider’s safety or effectiveness, and thus, the provider will not receive a certificate or be prominently listed on the Council’s website.

“Advanced Level – Requires the Basic Level of registration, plus proof of accreditation with an external body. If not accredited or eligible thereof, a health business may complete the Council’s Annual Self-Assessment Form. Advanced level registered facilities will be 1] provided with a Certificate of Registration [to be prominently displayed in their facility], 2] listed on the Health Council’s website, and 3] provided with a declaration of “no objection” for its operations.

“This level of registration is available to businesses with safe, quality services, and who are compliant with their legal and governmental responsibilities.

“Premier Level [Available in late 2019] – Will require Advanced Level of registration, plus participation in the Council’s Assessment Program.

“The Health Council will regularly collaborate with the diverse categories of health businesses to assess the usefulness, ease of compliance, and possible additions to the Provider Advantage Programme.”

“Quality in Healthcare begins with knowledge transfer and consideration of impact for all parties involved,” said Mr. Fubler.

The spokesperson said, “Due to the significant changes made to the registration process, health businesses already registered with the Health Council have had their existing registration certificates extended to the 31st March 2019. This extension gives sufficient time to existing providers to familiarize themselves with the new requirements for registration.

“Through this improved registration process, the Health Council endeavours to ensure that the health system is meeting the needs of the patients and providers. For additional information about the Bermuda Health Council’s role and activities, please access our website:, or contact us via our social media: Facebook & Instagram.”

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