BHEC Conducts Health Business Assessments

September 4, 2020

The Bermuda Health Council recently conducted a pilot assessment of five health businesses, as part of the Premier Level of the Provider Advantage Programme.

A spokesperson said, “The health businesses assessed included dental, medical, dietetic, dialysis and home care businesses. These five businesses, which included Island Nutrition and TLC Homecare, are now the first Premier Level providers recognised through PrAP.

“The assessment process involved the submission of documentation and the completion of an onsite assessment, to demonstrate how the businesses meet the identified standards. Fifteen standards were met, including equipment safety, infection control, monitoring of patient outcomes, and compliance with Government regulations. Providers were given the opportunity to make adjustments in order to meet any standard that was not met at the time of the initial assessment.

Elisabeth Kast, Health Council Project Manager explained, “The assessment standards and procedures were finalised after consultation with a working group of health professionals. In addition, the Health Council received training with the Care Quality Commission in the United Kingdom. It was important to identify key standards that all health businesses should meet, regardless of the type of health service provided. Establishing core standards for health businesses will ensure a consistent level of quality service across the health system.”

David Rogers, Health Council Project Manager, oversees the Provider Advantage Programme and stated, “The Programme allows facilities to show-off their quality of care or service, to the Health Council, and then in turn, to the wider public. Each pilot participant was given the opportunity to compare their service to the Council’s identified standards. We were excited to witness how each pilot participant developed sector-specific policies and procedures that met, and at times, exceeded the standard requirements. Specifically, providers displayed the importance they placed on promoting a safe clinical practice environment, displaying ethical behaviours, and their commitment to protecting patient rights. The Council can now confidently recommend these services to the community as centres of excellence.”

Hannah Jones of Island Nutrition stated, “Our health facility believes in the provision of high quality, evidence-based and safe patient care. The Health Council pilot was a fantastic opportunity to help improve healthcare regulation on the island, and we were thrilled to be accepted as a participant. Island Nutrition has always strived to provide the best service for our clients. The Premier assessment process encouraged us to review and document our processes to ensure that we are consistent in maintaining our high standards and continue to be proactive in looking to improve and adapt. All 15 initial standards are relevant to all healthcare facilities, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Health Council to ensure that the community has access to safe, effective, flexible and responsive health service providers.”

Lindsay Donovan of TLC Homecare Ltd. indicated, “When approached to participate in the Bermuda Health Council Provider Advantage Programme, TLC Homecare Ltd. was thrilled to take part. Participating in the pilot has ensured that our standards/policies are in line with the Bermuda Health Council. This assessment process is valuable to the health system as it sets a standard for health facilities to ensure all are providing quality care to the population of Bermuda. It also offers an opportunity to improve facilities by ensuring set policies and training are in place for optimal functioning of the facility.

“TLC Homecare Ltd. believes all standards were relevant to our business and thanks the Bermuda Health Council for this opportunity to be recognized as a Premier Level provider.”

“For additional information about the Bermuda Health Council’s role and programmes, including PrAP registration, please access our website:”

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