‘Inadequate Punishment For Sex Offenders’

February 28, 2019

The Advocates for Change invite the public to gather outside of the House of Assembly at 12:00pm on Friday March 1st, to “speak with their Member of Parliament about the inadequate punishment for sex offenders.”

A spokesperson said, “One in three Bermuda residents suffered sexual abuse before the age of 18. This statistic was revealed in a survey conducted by SCARS and the Bermuda Health Council last year. What these statistics reveal is that we have an epidemic of sexual abuse on this island and it needs to be addressed with purpose.

“In light of this week’s five-year sentence imposed on an admitted child sex offender – David Minors – in conjunction with our local history of inadequate sentencing and rehabilitation for sex offenders, concerned members of the public have decided to lobby our elected officials for change.

Sex Offenders Protest Bermuda Feb 28 2019

“Members of the public are invited to gather outside of the House of Assembly at 12:00pm tomorrow, Friday March 1st, to speak with their Member of Parliament about the matter.

“This is not a political protest or march. There is no intention to politicise this critical issue.

“Tomorrow’s gathering will be part one of a series of events and initiatives designed to bring awareness to this community problem and provide a platform for us to brainstorm together for a solution that protects and provides justice for our children and the community as a whole.

“We look forward to and appreciate support from all sectors of our community. Take a stand Bermuda.”

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  1. Bringit says:

    It doesn’t matter if the offender pleads guilty early.. the child still suffers for life.. thats the sentence they should impose for any child offender.. especially that minors guy. aint no telling how much young kids he’s violated.. throw the book at them!

  2. sage says:

    Discount for guilty plea, and for time served plus concurrent sentences on top of already inadequate sentencing, it s a national disgrace I am glad people are questioning. We recently had a “cold case” incident where the sentence was 4 months! I felt like a lone voice in the wilderness commenting on it, the recent goings on in the DFCS show we really don’t care.

  3. PBanks says:

    This should have gathered more steam than it did. Why isn’t public outcry as great as it is for other issues?