‘Making Bermuda The Destination Of Choice’

February 9, 2019

Following the release of the latest tourism figures which showed three straight years of growth, Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva recognized BTA CEO Kevin Dallas, the BTA staff, and tourism stakeholders, saying “Bermuda should be immensely proud of the hard work and dedication you have all put towards making Bermuda the destination of choice.”

The Ministry said, “Tourism continues its upward trend, with the latest figures from the Bermuda Tourism Authority confirming three straight years of growth and the highest number of leisure air arrivals since 2002.

“2018 marked the third consecutive year of uninterrupted growth for Bermuda’s tourism sector. Year-over-year leisure air arrivals were up 11.7 percent.

“The extended fall cruise season [October to December] proved particularly strong with an additional 47,137 visitors compared with the 2014-17 average. Total leisure spending, combining air and cruise arrivals, increased 28%.”

Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva said, “When I consider that this is the third straight year of growth for Bermuda’s Tourism Industry, I have to pause and recognize Kevin Dallas, all of the men and women of the Bermuda Tourism Authority and our tourism stakeholders.

“Bermuda should be immensely proud of the hard work and dedication you have all put towards making Bermuda the destination of choice, and helping improve our local accommodation, entertainment and activities.

“With cruise arrivals contributing the lions’ share of our tourism growth, however, it is time to focus our efforts on growing leisure air arrivals.

“More work must be done to encourage persons to fly to Bermuda, stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, and spend time enjoying all Bermuda has to offer. Only then, will all sectors of our tourism industry enjoy the full benefit.”

The 2018 Statistical Highlights from the BTA follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. Trump supporter says:

    And saying all that to say I’ll now take the reins.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it was the last PLP Government that focused on cruise ships to the detriment of air arrivals, all the while watching hotels close, or blowing them up. How many new hotels were started between 1998 and 2012? The number of beds have fallen dramatically, and Bermuda has to compete with destinations with better facilities at cheaper rates. The BTA is doing a great job under the circumstances. They have far more expertise than any Minister so leave them alone.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Don’t let facts get on the way!

    • Red rose says:

      Those pesky facts. How many SDOs in the, ah-em, platinum period? How many hotels under the plp now or in the past?

  3. And thanks to Bill Hanbury says:

    Who while doing the job that he was so qualified to do took massive abuse and was subject to public humiliation by the PLP machinery.

    Thank you again Bill. Bermuda recognizes your huge contribution to these awesome results.

    I do hope the GVT stays out of this or we all know what will happen.

    Blessings abound.

    • No no no says:

      Global Hue and the original jetgate.

    • Stop says:

      We are not morons in Bermuda! We can market ourselves and sell our Island too! Stop with the “bowing to Bill” crap as it is ancient history and not relevant to us moving forward!

      • Question says:

        If we can market ourselves you must have been pissed at the $100m wasted on Global Hue.

      • Hit a nerve eh? Lol says:

        Of course “stop”. Ancient history? From the people that brought us Platinum Period of tourism!

        How easy to pull that card when the narrative doesn’t suit.

        And we are so concerned about moving forward. I laughed out loud. Our GVT is the least likely institution to be forward looking and driving this country forward.

        Typical spin.

        Thanks for the consistency!!!

        Blessings abound

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      Yes, and specifically from Zane Desilva!!

    • chocolate coins says:

      Bill Hanbury ruined Bermuda

      • Um Um Like says:

        Actually the unions ruined Bermuda.

      • Dreamer dear Chocolate coin! says:

        Can you say Platinum Period of tourism. Look where that got us!

        Chocolate coin you are a silly funny person. If you belive that. I have a pocketful if cryptocurrency that will make you rich.

        Bless you!

    • wondering says:

      Most definitely not!!! Kevin Dallas takes the title for this bout!

  4. Question says:

    Two months ago Zane was saying he was going to “tear the car apart”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good gracious, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a PLP minister say anything good about the BTA. I hope all their success convinces them to leave the BTA alone, because if the PLP have anything to do with tourism they will find a way to screw it up.

  6. 2 Bermudas says:

    Bill Hanbury contributed more to tourism than your over-budget Port Royal Golf Course and be cost a whole lot less too!! Hahaha!! Titty milk drinkers…

  7. Red rose says:

    So the minister has got his head from out of the car and realises the bta is a good thibg afterall.
    I hope the oba is sending a ‘you’re welcome’ message to him

    • steve says:

      Zane thinks the BTA is a type of car.We are screwed! LOL

  8. kevin says:

    Yes we do need to be extremely thankful for the dedicated BTA team and may they continue to operate ” politically free” but ….theres always a but those pesky guys from the plp will find a way to drag tourism down to their level

    • Wrong says:

      Wrong!! They don’t operate politically free so long as they spend my tax money! So they need to do what we tell them to do or get their own source of funds! Same with gaming Commission!

  9. Benevides says:

    yes we must be thankful for the BTA and their hard working team …for they alone have put Bermuda back on the tourism map and a destination many will want to visit. We can only hope they remain politically free as this is our only hope to generate additional revenues….but just watch …just watch the plp try to dig their claws in and redirect monies so their friends and family program stays alive..they will eventually if elected again drag this down to their level
    I didn’t vote for them

  10. Acegurl says:

    Before you pat yourself and others on the back Zane, how much per head does a cruise ship passenger contribute to the economy versus a resident tourist? You are counting heads not economic contribution. The focus of progressive destinations is to decrease visitors and increase their spending during their visit. The price value issue Is still alive and well at this destination. We do not give value for prices charged. You see, the managing of tourism and hospitality is an art and a science and for those educated in the field. Tell us the ROI of the Tourism Authority, many, many dollars go to inflated BTA salaries. How about accountability reports for the taxpayers? No I don’t mean merely counting arrivals, What does that tell you? Are we still counting airline crews as arrivals? Me thinks you should stick to construction projects.

  11. Ain’t Happening says:

    Don’t worry, Zane will make a mess of it. He’s damning the BTA with faint praise. No one is fooled.

  12. Dready says:

    Keep Desilva out of tourism decisions and numbers will keep going up.