Shadow Minister On Changes To TA Process

June 10, 2022

“The OBA takes some small comfort in the changes to the TA announced by the Government,” Shadow Minister of Health Michael Dunkley said, adding “the changes will make the process easier but the changes also create a two-tier system and continues to put Bermuda at a disadvantage when compared to competing and other jurisdictions.

Mr Dunkley said, “Being able to start the TA process 30 days in advance is an improvement as is allowing cruise passengers to prevent a negative test at the pier prior to boarding.

“Where it falls short, and creates a two-tier system, is in not allowing air passengers to present a negative test upon check in at an airport before flying to Bermuda. As we have repeatedly said, the US allows this to be done for air passengers and we should do the same, avoiding the potential for anxiety and frustration as experienced by many air passengers to date and making our process simpler and competitive!

“The longer the TA continues, and the continued attempted justification of it by the government, highlights the fact that it is all about the $40 fee the government collects from every traveller. Yes under the PLP government finances are in very bad shape and yes, the PLP has proven to be a high tax government but keeping the TA for the fee is not good for Bermuda and short-sighted.

“The Opposition would not keep it for a fee, but if the PLP feel they need the fee there are ways to collect it from travellers without attaching it to a TA.”

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  1. time says:

    Met a commercial visitor to the island who were unhappy with the time wasted and stress involved in travelling here by air.

    He will not return until the TA form is scrapped. Another hotel bed goes empty.

    PLP, stop killing the island. Stop TA NOW.

  2. Focus BDA says:

    What’s killing the island is when oba supporters are calling plp supporters dumb stupid fools. The swing voters can respect you on financial issues and decision making but when the supporters or bloggers call people names you actually do the oba more harm than good. Mr Dunkely it’s up to you to spread the word and clean this toxic blogging up or the oba will always be the opposition.

    • Horse radish says:

      Please don’t give them any clues on how to win election. The bloggers from the OBA are helping the PLP more and more every time they type.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Is that it? It’s because of bloggers and the OBA?

        So Bermuda is circling the drain because of the OBA and bloggers on two news sites?

        Think about what you just said. Think how utterly ridiculous you sound. How about putting your hand up and admitting that most Bermudians will vote repeatedly for failure than the “other team.” Then tell me if you think that’s stupid or not.

        • Swing voters no more says:

          You don’t get it and thus the reason it’s 30-5 and 1 jetgate craiggy. Now keep blogging OLd boys Association troll. We love free service.

          • sandgrownan says:

            You obviously ignore or gloss over the real Jetgate scandal with DREB, when real tax payers money was involved, and real no-tender contracts.

            The real issue is that you are so consumed with hate that you will hold your nose and vote for incompetence and failure.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            LOL , you should have your own comedy show ..

          • William says:

            Both parties have their racist issues however the oba will never attract the educated black voters to join them if it’s whites vs blacks. Everyone votes on emotions. I spoke to a friend about this a week ago and she said how do expect me to rejoin the oba when some of their members call black voters uneducated. My answer was simply that every organization has a few bad apples but that doesn’t make the entire tree bad to the core. If we really desire to expand the membership the racist bloggers need to stop. The only thing that we continue to do is to divide us even more.

            • saud says:

              “Both parties have their racist issues however the oba will never attract the educated black voters to join them”

              That’s hilarious. Your facts are askew.

            • Tucker says:


          • Tucker says:

            FACTs and they wonder why they can’t win.

      • saud says:

        The plp and their followers label Bermuda as a racist, homophobic society, every time they post, or speak.

        Not that Bermudians care. You’ve got pink sand.

    • saud says:

      I see…so plp supporters are racist, homophobic, xenophobic…and now, snowflakes.
      You don’t like being called out? Perhaps you should have thought of that when you were spitting on tourists and the Americas cup.

  3. Check Yourself... says:

    As of midnight Sunday the US no longer requires COVID testing before entering. What you gonna do/say now Kim/Burt? So dissappointed in our Bermuda Gov.

  4. I been disappointed in this gov for past 16/20 years what a joke