Video: Hamilton Mayor On Govt’s Proposal

February 17, 2019

One of the Government’s proposals “sounds like” what Government proposed back in 2010 and “that was defeated back then, and I would hope it is being defeated again,” Hamilton Mayor Charles Gosling said.

The Mayor comments follow after Government announced public consultation regarding the future of Bermuda’s municipalities providing two options, to either change the Corporations of Hamilton and St George’s into quangos or dissolve them entirely.

The two options presented by the Government were:

  1. “Change both corporations to Quangos, leaving each organisation intact as a corporate body but increasing the Government’s oversight over key initiatives.”
  2. “Dissolving the corporations, repealing the Municipalities Act and integrating the corporations’ various functions into the Government’s administrative structure.

18-minute video interview with Mayor Gosling:

This weekend the Ministry of Home Affairs reminded the public that they “are still engaged in public consultation and that no final decision has been made regarding the options presented.”

The Government previously said the Consultation period for this will run from February 12 until February 22.

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  1. Frank Sense says:

    The last time Roban was in charge of the “Reforming” of the Corporations, he got up in Parliament and spoke of winding up their operations into Government. Then once the public pressure started to build, he quickly started to back pedal and then he was dropped and replaced by Zane. Is this “no final decision” the first slippery step backwards?
    Zane, you better put away your golf clubs, your country needs you!

  2. Paul says:

    Public consultation.when did all start ? P.L.P. the people are paying attention and getting tired of the BS.

  3. 2 Bermudas says:

    A gov’t that can’t get a bus schedule right and pick up trash twice a week wants to take over the Corporations?!?!? Hahaha!!!

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    The government wants the commercial docks and the income streams they generate.

  5. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    It’s time for a Vote of No Confidence in the plp

  6. swing voter says:

    my comparision list below is my opinion but here goes:

    COH garbage trucks – new, working, inservice, on schedule
    Hamilton Roads – re-surfaced and clearly marked, traffic lights work
    Hamilton Buildings and properties – painted, maintained, occupied
    CoH worker relations – Stable, amicable
    CoH rate payers (Taxes) – collected regularly with little arrears

    Can our Govt. put their stats up for comparision purposes

  7. JMP says:

    Has anyone else tried to comment on this via I have tried to access the site several times and it keeps coming up 404 – not found. Is it timing, a glitch, or are they deliberately trying to restrict comments?