BMA Expanding Community Outeach In 2019

March 7, 2019

In honour of its five decades of service to Bermuda this year, the Bermuda Monetary Authority [BMA] is expanding its community outreach throughout 2019.

The BMA is partnering with a number of the island’s charities whose missions address five categories that include: children and families; arts and culture; the environment; education; and seniors.

Five charities have been identified for ‘BMA Days of Giving’ community service projects in which staff provide assistance to these organisations by volunteering to carry out specific tasks that have been identified by the charity partner.

These five organisations, along with 15 other local Bermuda charities, will also benefit from monies raised by staff who participate in the BMA’s ‘Charitable Fridays’. These internal dress down days are held on the second and fourth Friday of each month and staff can wear business appropriate denim on these designated dates in exchange for a minimum donation towards the identified charity for that date.

BMA staff get ready for MOW kitchen clean sweep

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Shauna MacKenzie, Senior Advisor for the BMA, highlighted the importance of corporate-social responsibility with the increased community need for business entities to provide project-based support and financial assistance to local charities.

“Our charitable organisations provide tremendous relief and supplement for a variety of community needs,” Mrs. MacKenzie said. “Often through the provision of programmes and services that support education; arts; seniors, culture; and the environment.

“We recognise that charities in Bermuda often provide essential services and support to a diverse range of the community where access to public or private resources may not be available. Bermuda’s non-profit sector is a vital component in supporting and promoting the well-being of all residents, young and old. The more our business community is aligned with the valuable work of the island’s charities, the better it is for all.”

Mesheiah Crockwell, BMA’s Director of Human Resources, added, “2019 marks a milestone 50 years of service for the BMA. In honour of this, we are endeavouring to further broaden our charitable giving and community outreach, whether it be through the encouragement of staff fundraising events for donation to local charities, or the organisation of project-based initiatives that produce tangible outcomes through voluntary labour provided by members of the BMA team.”

Mrs. Crockwell continued by explaining that “Meals on Wheels was chosen as one of the BMA’s charitable partners because of their wide reach across the island and the tremendous impact they have on thousands of lives, especially for those who are disadvantaged. The services provided by Meals on Wheels are critical in helping to alleviate some of the hardship that many in our community are facing on a daily basis.

“Having access to nutritious meals every day of the week that are delivered at little to no cost may not be a cure for all of life’s challenges, but having the valuable support of Meals on Wheels as a reliable source of food for sustenance goes a long way in providing some relief for those in need.”

BMA Days of Giving [from left] Mesheiah Crockwell, BMA, Lexi Petty, MoW and Shauna MacKenzie, BMA

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Peter Smith, President of Meals on Wheels Ltd. [MOW], said “It is a tremendous help when organisations such as the BMA choose to volunteer with MOW as it gives us an opportunity to tackle some of the bigger projects on our ‘to-do list’. The MOW commercial grade kitchen receives a general cleaning each time it is used, but we like to carry out deep cleaning projects on a regular basis.

“Being chosen as a ‘BMA Days of Giving’ charity partner and benefiting from labour donated by the BMA staff members who assisted with this work is a tremendous help. We are also grateful to the BMA team members who participated in the internal dress down day and raised money for donation to MOW.

“Their generous donation will help contribute to providing nutritious meals to hundreds of local residents, most of which is food that is subsidised by donations that cover up to 50% of the cost and one-third of meals are delivered to our clients at no charge due to financial constraints that prohibit them from paying.”

He continued by saying: “The Meals on Wheels kitchen is in service nearly 365 days per year, providing more than 4,500 meals each month to some of the island’s most vulnerable people who are sick and shut in, many of whom cannot afford to eat.

“We have a staff of four paid employees and an average of 50 volunteers per day who manage all aspects of this enormous operation by cooking; cleaning; driving for deliveries from Dockyard to St. George’s; and just as importantly, providing companionship for the clients we serve.”

Visit to learn more about their amazing work and to become a member of the MOW team of volunteers. Likewise, click on for information on the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s 50th anniversary and community service initiatives.

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