Photos & Video: Van Crash In Hamilton Parish

March 12, 2019

[Updated] Emergency personnel responded to North Shore Road in Hamilton parish today [March 12] after a collision occurred which resulted in the van landing on its side, and appearing to bring down power lines.

A police spokesperson said there was a “single vehicle collision on North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish outside of Francis Patton School,” adding that “roads are impassable because of power lines that are down in the area” and “traffic diversions are in place.”

Update March 13, 4.10pm: A police spokesperson said, “It has now been confirmed that no one was injured in a single vehicle van crash that occurred around 4pm Tuesday, March 12th on North Shore Road in Hamilton parish near the junction with Abbot’s Cliff Drive.

“Apparently the crash involved a 40-year-old male driver – said to be a Paget resident – and his two children [passengers].

“It appears that the van was being driven east along North Shore Road when it struck a utility pole and overturned in the vicinity of Francis Patton Primary School. While none of the van’s occupants were hurt, the vehicle and the utility pole were damaged.

“Traffic diversions were in effect for several hours while technicians from BELCO and telecommunications companies attended the scene to repair the damaged utility pole and downed wires. Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service personnel also assisted at the scene.

“A single lane was re-opened around 1:15am Wednesday, with the affected section of road finally reopened fully around 2am. The patience and co-operation of the motoring public as well as area residents while the repair work was carried out was greatly appreciated.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses that have not already come forward are asked to call Constable Simon Fraser on 295-0011.”

collision Bermuda March 12 2019 (1)

collision Bermuda March 12 2019 (2)

collision Bermuda March 12 2019 (3)

collision Bermuda March 12 2019 (4)

collision Bermuda March 12 2019 (5)

collision Bermuda March 12 2019 (6)

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collision Bermuda March 12 2019 (9)

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  1. puzzled says:

    That’s one rotten pole.
    Come on guys.
    Damn you can’t make this sheet up…………..

    • Onion Juice says:

      Hope the person was ok.
      Just a friendly reminder that oil and gas come to the surface on our roads when it rains.

  2. SoFar Bie says:

    I would like to say at the time of the accident I was already on Harrington Sound road when this happened, and hearing the news of this had me miffed as the reporter said that diversions where in place on the round-a-bout at Blue Hole hill, well when I reached the round-a-bout there was no police presence there to direct the traffic away from the area, I feel sorry for the poor saps that went that way and had to turn around. I would think the police would have gotten the same news as the radio station. Come on man!

  3. Fooled me twice says:

    Speed limit much!!

  4. MM says:

    It has been wet conditions most of the day , and 99.9 percent have kept that in mind , maybe there was a mechanical fault evasive action had to be taken to avoid a nother irresponsible vehicle operator.

  5. Hello says:

    He had to be going at high speed to do that much damage to the vehicle.

  6. Driver says:

    Would have been nice to be diverted at FLATTS to go via Harrington Sound Road if travelling to St G rather – than driving all the way to Crawl gas station and then having to turn around! Hope the driver is ok…………

  7. Pangaea says:

    STOP MAKING EXCUSES for irresponsible; incompetant; careless; stupid; selfish;spitefull; drivers , this is what we see exhibited on our roads.

    Irresponsible : Not showing a proper scence of responsibility.
    Careless: Not giving sufficient attention.
    Stupid : Showing a lack of intelligence.
    Selfish: Lacking consideration for others.
    Spitefull: showing or caused by malice.
    Anger: Hostility towards others.

  8. Lost cause says:

    And we wonder why insurance premiums keep going up…..

  9. Hugh says:

    Belco had that fixed lickety split!