Bermuda Blocks Use Of Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft

March 12, 2019

Following the tragic crash of the Ethiopian Airlines flight, the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority [BCAA] said they have “temporarily suspended the operation of all variants of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft into and out of Bermuda airspace.”

A spokesperson said, “Following the tragic accident of Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 involving a Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority [BCAA] is taking every step necessary to ensure the safety of passengers. The accident investigation is currently ongoing, and it is too early to draw any conclusions as to the cause of the accident.

“As a precautionary measure, BCAA has provisionally suspended the Certificate of Airworthiness of all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry effective 1900 UTC [1600 local time] 12th March 2019.

“In addition, BCAA have temporarily suspended the operation of all variants of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft into and out of Bermuda airspace.

“This decision has been taken based on ensuring the continued safety of passengers and flight crew, which is the BCAA’s number one priority.

“During the temporary suspension, the BCAA will continue to work closely with the US Federal Aviation Authority [FAA] and Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer.”

Bermuda is one of multiple jurisdictions around the world that have taken this measure following the fatal crash.

The full direction follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Excellent stand!!
    U.S. not really a super power…so focused on MONEY…forgetting about human beings.Pathetic!!
    I will not be using that aircraft until the investigation is complete!!
    U.S.can get their money from other passengers on that particular type of aircraft.
    Definitely NOT my honest money!!

    • LaV says:

      “Definitely NOT my honest money!!”

      Oh, we know you have nothing to do with honesty….or money, other than your government handouts.

  2. kevin says:

    Straightforward We already know how you digest information and most likely you are jumping the gun and making a whole lot of noise ..this aircraft has flown thousands of flights and yes 2 unfortunate accidents but one should wait for the evidence before judgement …but not surprised reading some of your other comments on politics

  3. BS says:

    Corporate greed runs USA and and their puppet Canada, happy to see we done the right thing

  4. Payattention says:

    Well done BCAA!!!! Very responsible move!

  5. Kathy says:

    Well done Bermuda! The following countries are doing the same:

    Australia, China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Vietnam

    Meanwhile the US FAA issues a “continued airworthiness notification” for the 737 MAX 8 telling airlines it is safe to fly!!!!

  6. LaV says:

    “Corporate greed runs USA and and their puppet Canada, happy to see we done the right thing”

    You munchkins are hilarious!
    You live on a rock with nothing but pink sand. You don’t have a penny to scratch your a$$ with.
    You have no skills, and nothing to offer anyone!
    You have no airline, and rely on the charity of other countries, like the US and CANADA! You’ almost as pathetic as your government. LOL

    • Get a life! says:

      I can understand why your feel the need to ridicule that quote, because it is a ridiculous generalisation but then so is the rest of what you say. If you’re so full of hate for Bermuda and it’s people why spend so much time commenting on our news site. We’re fine without you!

    • Deborah says:

      Hummmm…Lav! Seems you should have stationed your arse in the US or Canada. I bet you didnt have a pot to pee in before u hit this beautiful island. Probably couldn’t believe your luck! …yet u insulting my country, our people, and the Government! Get a stepping or shut your arse up!

  7. Thsnk you says: