Futsal Men’s League: ASFC 2 & RBR FC Win

May 22, 2019

Three games were recently held in Bermuda Futsal Federation Men’s League action at the Bermuda College gymnasium.

Game 1: ASFC vs Living Legends

ASFC 2 started out dominating the first half with Legends only having four players. At the half, ASFC 2 led three goals to one. The second half saw just the opposite, with Legends dominating play despite being a man down. Legends outscored ASFC 2 two goals to one, but came up short, with ASFC 2 winning the game 4-3. Vernon Perenchief was outstanding for ASFC 2, scoring one goal and Ian Coke was MVP for Living Legends.

Game 2: Futsal Assassins vs Underrated FC

Both teams were evenly matched, although Assassins jumped out to an early lead and at the half were leading Underrated by three goals to one. The second half saw Underrated switch the script on Assassins and they scored four goals to Assassins’ two goals. At the end of the game, both teams were tied up at five goals each, which was was a fair result. Futsal Assassins’ goalkeeper Paul Tohill was MVP and Donavan Thompson was outstanding for Underrated FC, scoring five goals.

Game 3: RBR FC vs Team Involved & Co.

The final game of the evening was a one sided affair, with Team Involved leading  RBR FC by eight goals to one at half time. RBR did a little better in the second half, scoring two goals and limiting Team Involved to only four goals. However, the final score saw Team Involved win the game 12-3 over RBR FC. Jahquan Smith was MVP for Team Involved, while Tre Iris was outstanding for RBR FC.

The next round of games is set for Tuesday, May 28 at the Bermuda College gymnasium starting at 6.00pm.

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