Court: Man Fined $6,500 After Airline Incident

July 23, 2019

[Written by Don Burgess]

An airline passenger who spat in his wife’s face and used profane language towards the flight crew causing a Tourism Union International Airways flight to divert to Bermuda was fined $6,500.

Edward Mongan, 42, from Manchester, England, pleaded guilty in Magistrates Court.

The court heard that Mr Mongan shouted “f*** off” to his wife. When an airline attendant approached him, he then used the same obscenity at her. Mr Mongan then went to the back of the plane and got into another attendant’s face and used the ‘f-word’ several more times.

He further escalated matters when the cabin manager tried to intervene and issue a violation citation. Mr Mongan pointed in her face and shouted at her making her feel threatened. When he finally returned to his seat, he spat in his wife’s face.

Mr Mongan agreed that he used abusive language towards cabin manager by saying “f*** off” and “get out of my face.”

He also pleaded guilty to approaching another cabin manager by shouting at him and swearing at him multiple times. For both of those offences, he was fined $1,500 each.

Mr Mongan also pleaded guilty to interfering with the cabin manager performing her duties when she attempted to give him a violation citation.

He was fined $3,500 for that offence.

Mr Mongan apologised for his behavior.

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