Sun Canopies Erected At Horseshoe Bay Beach

July 1, 2019

Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva recently visited the Horseshoe Bay Beach parking lot area to view the recently installed taxi and shuttle bus passenger sun canopies and see firsthand how the canopies have improved the transportation experience for beach goers.

Minister DeSilva said, “We are all familiar with heat and humidity of our summer months. Locals and visitors to our beaches should not have to suffer the full brunt of the sun while waiting for their transportation to arrive.

“The installation of these sun canopies at Horseshoe Bay, reduces the heat and UV exposure and improves comfort levels while waiting for transportation. This will have a very positive impact on the beach going experience for all.

“I thank my colleague, David Burch, Minister of Public Works, who worked with me to have these canopies installed.”

Minister Zane DeSilva with visitors under the sun canopies, and photo of the sun canopies.

Minister DeSilva Visits Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda July 2019 (1)

Minister DeSilva Visits Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda July 2019 (3)

Minister DeSilva Visits Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda July 2019 (2)

Minister DeSilva Visits Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda July 2019 (4)

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Comments (20)

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  1. BermudaBeach1 says:

    Horseshoe bay is our national beach. These tents look not Bermudian at all. The parking lot has shrunk, half as many cars can fit there, the car parking lot has such bad grass squares you can not walk on without bare feet, there is no parking up the side of the road meaning one must park at the top and Rum Bum, well it looks like a cheap version of Señor Frogs in Cancun with plastic chairs and cheap burgers. Come on Bermuda do better.

    • Onion Juice says:

      And those dreamers couldnt think of this when they renovated Horseshoe Bay.

      • question says:

        When Horseshoe was renovated you lot were out there protesting against it.

  2. Paul says:

    Horseshoe bay has the best facilities and food and staff this location has ever had,the operator of this beach facility should be congratulated.

  3. Dready says:

    How much did they cost the taxpayers?

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Left overs/donations from AC35 by any chance?

  5. Margaret says:

    Do we know who was responsible for this idea? Really great that this has been done.

  6. Izzypop says:

    Something that should hv been done when the new horseshoe bay parking lot was designed

  7. Paul says:

    So now we have these fantastic canopies,at horseshoe we need to do something at Elbow beach and get some sort of bathroom facilities.

    • sage says:

      What about at TCD where motorcyclists must wait in the rain or blazing sunshine to get their bikes examined?

  8. Patricia Adderley says:

    are there plans to put some shelter near the ferry in Dockyard or has that been done? Sure would be a good idea there.

  9. bdaisajoke says:

    Now how about decent washroom facilities at other beaches. Current situation is disgusting.

    • Onion Juice says:

      OBA said they were going to fix them, but AC was more important.

      • Mike Hind says:

        That was a weak shot, even for you!

        Not only are the OBA not in power, but you KNOW the AC brought money in to the country.

        There’s a tonne of stuff the OBA screwed up.

        Why do you keep trying this weak sauce?

  10. Hope says:

    Would you mind also now enforcing parking properly at this beach? The mini vans are consistently seen in disabled parking spots as well as in the car park that is meant for local car parking.

  11. OMG says:

    Once these flimsy covers start to break apart from the elements, who will be replacing or maintaining them?

  12. puzzled says:

    All you people do is bitch and moan about everything.

    When the seaweed hits the fan you might need them for shelter.

  13. Hmmm says:

    LOl.. and this required a Political photo-op? Why??

  14. Furb 1960 says:

    Come on, people, 1st time Horseshoe Bay, since the last beachfest!
    Looks fab, love the easy incline on the boardwalk steps, love the regulated gradual incline , now you can walk to the main road, without dying, nice vibe at Rum Bar, prices way better than Tobacco Bay (theirs)
    And all you can do is complain, it’s really true, ya own bite you the hardest. Welcome change, well done to whom ever responsible. Nice for tourist and Bermy’s alike…….just saying

  15. Esme E says:

    Indeed there must be more extensive shade shelter built at Dockyard…. And yes… time the Horseshoe canopies may deteriorate, but not for a while.