Feedback Sought On Electronic Communications

August 26, 2019

The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda said they have “published the Preliminary Report of the Market Review of the electronic communications sector and would like the public to further provide their feedback prior to making their general determination.”

A spokesperson said, “The Market Review is specifically focused on reviewing providers in the electronic communications sector for significant market power [“SMP”]. The Review seeks to:

  • 1] offer protection to consumers by analyzing the state of competition in EC markets such as broadband and mobile
  • 2] determine whether SMP’s hinder competition
  • 3] create a regulatory environment where positive consumer developments are sustainable and enduring by imposing obligations on providers identified as having SMP. e.g. one of the RA’s recommendations is that consumers should be protected from being locked into contracts, and be able to switch providers quickly and easily, without significant transaction costs, requiring operators in the EC sector to meet these minimum standards.

Chief Executive of the RA Denton Williams commented: “As the RA is committed to protecting the rights of consumers, we believe that the proposed remedies in the Market Review will accomplish that and help to promote business practices and pricing that are both fair and reasonable.

“As part of the legislative process, we encourage the public to review our recommendations and provide their feedback before we reach a conclusion.”

“To comment on the Market Review, visit before Friday, September 27, 2019.”

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