Bermuda Pride LBGTQI Facebook Cover Designs

August 26, 2019

With Bermuda’s first Pride Parade set to take place this Saturday [Aug 31] a new set of Facebook timeline covers is available, incorporating the ‘official’ rainbow colours and, of course, a Bermudian theme.

In explaining why the Bermuda Pride logo includes extra stripes, the Bermuda Pride website notes, “In organising Bermuda’s first ever Pride we felt it was important to include the additional stripes in the rainbow, particularly since we as a country have both a majority black population but also a long history of racism.

“Specifically, we wanted to include the stripes to bring attention to the need for the LGBTQI+ community as a whole to fight not only for specific LGBTQI+ rights such as equal marriage but to also campaign on other issues that affect LGBTQI+ people, including racism, sexism and economic inequality.

“We as LGBTQI+ Bermudians and organisers of Bermuda’s first Pride are proud to embrace the fight against all forms of discrimination.”

Sample of some of the designs available for free download via

The colours in the Bermuda Pride logo are designed to represent as follows: Black: Diversity, Brown: Inclusivity, Red: Life, Orange: Healing, Yellow: Sunlight, Green: Nature, Blue: Harmony, Purple: Spirit, and Pink: Bermuda

Part of the Bernews network, offers an array of island-themed Facebook cover photos to adorn your profile, including shots of our beautiful beaches, interesting designs, covers with sports and holiday themes, and more.

To download the Bermudian themed rainbow Facebook covers, as well as others from a wide range of island-themed categories, visit our sister site, which aims to help you to show off your Bermudian pride on social media.

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