OBA: ‘Thanks For Making Events A Success’

August 7, 2019

Shadow Home Affairs Minister Sylvan Richards has extended his thanks to everyone who made all the Cup Match events a success.

Mr. Richards said, “This past Cup Match weekend was jam packed with various events and parties and I personally want to thank everyone who made each individual event a success.”

Slideshow of attendees at the Cup Match Cricket Classic:


“As far as I am aware Cup Match itself passed without any major incidents as did other events,” he added. “And a big thank-you should go to all of the organisers and promoters as well as those attending each event.

“I was also very pleased to see that we had celebrities and social influencers from overseas attending various other Cup Match weekend festivities including Bacchanal Run which provided an awesome and colourful spectacle which both local and overseas participants enjoyed.”

Slideshow of the Bacchanal Run


“While Cup Match celebrates Emancipation Day, it is also an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to get together to have some great fun.

“Thanks again to everyone who participated and made Cup Match 2019 a successful event,” Mr Richards added.


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