Live Updates: ‘Tropical Storm Warning’ Issued

September 25, 2019

[Updating] Hurricane Humberto has now passed by Bermuda, and the clean up work is in progress and everyone is urged to stay prepared as a second storm, Jerry, is now a “threat to Bermuda” and a “Tropical Storm Warning” is in effect.

All public schools and Government offices will be open on Wednesday [Sept 25], and buses, trash collection, and the airport will also operate as normal the Government said, with ferries set to be suspended.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the BWS forecast said, “A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Bermuda. Jerry is forecast to bring tropical storm force winds from late tonight and extend into Wednesday afternoon. Ahead of Jerry, expect southeasterly winds to rapidly increase today with showers, which should tend to rain at times. A thunderstorm or two is possible later today and into Wednesday as well as dangerous surf and rip tides.”


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  1. puzzled says:

    Keep your ‘sharpies’ under lock and key..

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    In US weather parlance this would be a hurricane watch where there is a possibility of a storm impacting. Next level higher is a storm warning where the possibility has become a high likelyhood of impact.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We need the Dpt of Immigration to step up and tell Humberto that he doesn’t have a work permit, so he isn’t welcome here. Also he sounds foriegn.

  4. 2Bermudaz 2bermudaz says:

    Thank you Bernews for this running coverage! Really useful! keep up the good work!

  5. Realist says:

    What about British airways arriving at 6

  6. I wish we had Bermudians presenting the weather says:

    Thank God for Bernews giving us Bermudians covering this system- I am SOOOO tired of “accuweather”- non Bermudians who have never experienced our weather conditions, telling us how hurricanes work while standing IN FRONT OF THE ISLAND AND INFORMATION ON SCREEN.

    I wish Peter Lewis was covering the approach of the storm….along with VSB NEWS, but Bernews is doing a great job.

  7. Pangaea says:

    Your Car while running has the worlds biggest flashlight.

  8. Fill some buckets with water.. get a styrofoam cooler from modern Mart put ice on it…go to atm get cash.

    Let us all be mindful of downed power lines and how they can electrify water.
    One last thing please pray for that U.S. news caster who said he was happy about the hurricane coming our way…and may the fleas of a thousand camels infest his nether regions….

    • What an ass. He does not represent how we true Americans feel. Sending prayers for you all. I just left there yesterday. God’s blessings to all of you. My brothers could not get a flight out. They are on the North shore.

      • Anbu says:

        Good luck to them as well. Glad you could make it out. We bermudians are good tho. This is nothing compared to other storms. Esp Emily. Appreciate your thought.

  9. Pangaea says:

    During Lightning storms it is advisable to UNPLUG all sensitive electronic house hold equipment including many major appliances which use internal electronics.

    Do not go outside of buildings during electrical lightning storms.

  10. Pangaea says:

    Fancy Power Surge Protectors contain a small ” metal oxide varistor” which is supposed to absorb a power surge or a lightning strike on a power pole.

    May I repeat my self ” just pull the plug ” Microwaves , Computers / Modems and TV ‘s are very sensitive to lightning even at 10 miles away .

    • wa says:

      Do you actually think an MOV, the size of a dime, can absorb a lightning strike?
      Stop pretending you know anything about electronics, clearly, you don’t.

  11. SevenT says:

    So… If Bermuda gets hit by yet another big hurricane “de PLP gubbiment” will immediately go crying – cap in hand – to the UK government and ask Prime Minister Boris Johnson for aid and monies to repair the damage…. Tree or four weeks later the PLP will be demanding independence for our sacred isle!

    You want in or do you want out?

    In or out – you can’t have both!

    • REAL TALK says:

      People like you are the very reason the UBP had to change the name to oba. Think about it. 25 – 11

  12. Question says:

    So is the illegal curfew over yet? Are we “allowed” to use a road if we need to?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Define “need to”. Does that mean that you want to go rubber necking & get in the way of crews cleaning the roads & working on restoring power.

      • Question says:

        No. There were pronouncements on Tuesday and yesterday that the ‘public must be off the roads by 7.00pm’, later changed to 5.00pm. The announcements were very insistent, as though they were instructions that must be obeyed, like a curfew, I’ve never heard this before, even in hurricanes. I don’t think the government has the legal right to stop people from travellng, if they want to, It was heavy-handed, but consistent with the amateurish communication on Tuesday and Wednesday.

        • V. Jones says:

          @Question, you were advised to be off the roads, nobody ordered you to. If you want to go and risk your life, so be it, but don’t expect any of the emergency responders to risk theirs to save yours. It is your “legal right” to go out in a hurricane if you want to, but don’t expect help from the people that advised you not to!!

  13. Eve says:

    There is major damage at King’s & Heritage Wharf this will have huge effect on cruise ship docking for an extended time. How much damage at Caroline Bay and St. Regis in St. George?

  14. Huh??? says:

    What or where is the key to the Belco outage map?

    • Carto says:

      If you mean the map of postal codes, I don’t think there is any system to the color coding. They seem to be random colour assignments for each postal code.

  15. imjustsaying says:

    Belco outage map is totally useless.

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    Go to the map. Zoom in on the neighbourhood. Click on or near address. Window pops up telling status. How current it is I don’t know.

  17. Aaron says:

    Why are the numbers of outages in St.Georges going up??? With every update

  18. bdaisajoke says:

    the music on emergency station was best I have ever heard in Bermuda

  19. Pangaea says:



    Here are some recommendations regarding the use of home generators in the form of DO & DON’T for the layman.


    1) ~~~~~ Do. To manage your generator ALWAYS GET HELP THIS IS A TWO PERSON OPERATION.= SAFETY.

    2) ~~~~~ DON’T. Do NOT connect any extension cables to any existing home electrical circuits. =SAFETY.
    Maintain your generator as a completely separate system. =SAFETY.

    3) ~~~~~~ DO. Read your generator service manual carefully.= SAFETY.
    3A)~~~~~ DO install Ground rod and connect to generator chassis.=. SAFETY.

    4)~~~~~`DON’T :::; Run generator during a storm>>>>>>> = WAIT + SAFETY .<<<<<<<<<

    5)~~~~~ DON'T Run Generator on Verandah or Porch. Exhaust fumes can kill.= CARBON MONOXIDE.

    6)~~~~~ DO. run generator 15 + feet away from any building. FIRE prevention. = FIRE

    7) ~~~~ DO have fire extinguisher available . = 911. FIRE

    8) ~~~~~~ DON'T. Do not SERVICE generator at night. = FIRE+ SAFETY
    8A)~~~~~ DON'T start generator with electrical cables connected = SAFETY

    9)~~~~~ DON'T Over load the electrical capacity of the generator.= OVERLOAD

    10) ~~~~ DON'T Do not hook up extension cables to a "power bar" = OVERLOAD

    11)~~~~~ D0NT Do not store gas containers 20 feet from Generator = FIRE

    12)~~~~ DON'T Connect Generator to home water pump = OVERLOAD.

    13~~~~~ DO. CONNECT generator for NIGHT LIGHTING ONLY.

    14 ~~~~~ DON'T Do not connect generator to house hold appliances = FAULTS + OVERLOAD.


  20. Pangaea says:

    Correction #11 Dont. Do not store gas containers”LESS THAN” 20 feet from generator = FIRE

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