Trial On Planned Terror Attack Begins In UK

September 11, 2019

The trial of Hisham Waheed Muhammad and Faisal Ibn al Hajj Muhammad Abu Ahmad began in the United Kingdom, with the pair accused of offences relating to allegedly planning to carry out a terror attack.

This is according to a report in the Manchester Evening News, which said, “A takeaway worker plotted to carry out a ‘lone wolf’ terror attack using drones to carry bombs and array of weapons found at his home in Bury, a court heard.

“Bermuda-raised Hisham Waheed Muhammad, 25, who moved to the UK in 2013, was only thwarted when his landlord, concerned he wasn’t paying his rent, spotted knives and what he suspected was the makings of a bomb when he visited the property in Whitefield, it is alleged.

“Police raided the property on June 4 last year and found an array of knives, home-made weapons, bear claws, axes, tomahawks and ‘Ninja eggs’ as well as a contraption made from ice lolly sticks allegedly designed to drop bombs from a drone, it was alleged.

“He had researched the police and army bases on the internet including the Castle Armoury Barracks in Bury for a ‘lone wolf’ attack inspired by Islamic extremists, according to the prosecution.

“Mr Muhammad denies preparing acts of terrorism while a second defendant, his cousin Faisal Ibn al Hajj Muhammad Abu Ahmad, 24, denies failing to inform the authorities about the alleged plot.

“The pair were said to have operated a bogus escort agency to make money.

“Outlining the prosecution case to jurors at London’s Old Bailey on Tuesday, Anne Whyte QC said of Hisham Muhammad: “It is alleged that he held extremist views which were aligned to the sort of radical version of Islam advocated by terrorist organisations such as Islamic State, that he had accepted the propaganda exported by such organisations and had decided to commit a lone wolf attack here in the United Kingdom.”

“The defendants are cousins originally from Bermuda,” the report said. The jurors are told that the defendants are cousins and also brothers-in-law.

Ms Whyte told the court: “Hisham Muhammad grew up in Bermuda where his parents lived but moved as a young man to Gambia. Faisal Abu Ahmad was born in Bermuda but when he was quite young moved to America and then to Gambia. Hisham Muhammad is married to Faisal Abu Ahmad’s sister.”

You can read the full story here on Manchester Evening News.

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