Video: Bermuda Gombey Festival Showcase

October 12, 2019

The 2019 Bermuda International Gombey Festival Showcase is being held this evening [Oct 12] at the Botanical Gardens. The event is hosted by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs who previously said it will include “five of Bermuda’s Gombey troupes displaying their passion and artistry.” We will have a photo gallery later on and you tune in and watch the live video replay below.

The 4-hour video is below:

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  1. Incog neato says:

    I’m confused? While I see the importance of this event, I struggle with the fact that this same government did not have the money to sponsor the AG Show? Do you have the money or not? Nobody can argue that the AG was the most popular public event that was attended by everyone despite their age, school, religion, or race? Yet, because the Government can’t “find the monies in the budget” a group of individuals had to form a committee to find private sector funding to sponsor the AG show.

    Could they not compromise? I would think this type of event would be a great lead up to the AG Show or anchor event to close off the AG show?

    Will someone in politics please be honest with the public for once and explain?

  2. Alvin Williams says:

    Well we are a long way from the back of the parade that is where the Gombeys used to be relegated in the old days o the Easter parade; now we are at our rightful place in the forefront as Bermuda’s leading culture icon; as to the financing of the Ag show perhaps you should consult those private interest which took it over; ask them where the finance went?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      “as Bermuda’s leading culture icon”

      Yeah , it’s so uniquely Bermudian that they have gombeys down south too.

    • Question says:

      Where did the government interest in the Ag Show go? If they didn’t have money for the Ag Show how come they had money for a Gombey Show?

    • Things a Gwan says:

      Did you out miss the point Alvin and actually READ what was said? The post said that the Gombey Festival would be a great LEAD up to the AG show and if it the primary showcase event well great! The point was that the Agricultural Exhibition was always funded by Government. However they claimed to not have the money in the budget. If you remember it was cancelled one year. It was because of a few individuals and private sector money that we have it today. You want them to ask government where the money went?! We all know where. So how is it that we have money for this event but not the AG show. If we only have money for one, bring both together…and make the Gombey festival the Day One event and main attraction! Get it? got it? Good.