Video: “Not A Generic Gombey” Short Film

October 8, 2022

The Bermuda Gombey Festival is taking place this weekend, and as part of the weekend of activities, the event kicked off with the presentation of the short film  ‘Not a Generic Gombey: Art, Consumption, and Intellectual Property.’


A spokesperson said, “The general description is as follows: Not a Generic Gombey: Art, Consumption, and Intellectual Property Short Film Release

“Created by the Department of Culture with videographer Qian Dickinson, this film discusses intellectual property issues around Gombeys.

“Several Bermuda Gombeys speak about the challenges in seeing their image represented without compensation or permission. With a few small tweaks, even a registered design can be considered brand new work from someone outside of the culture and after so many years, copyright goes into public domain.

“They consider this an ethical challenge instead of a legal one. Instead, they invite entrepreneurs and artists to learn more and collaborate with them, as fellow artists, the men behind the masks.”

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  1. Dejavu says:

    So what about every advertisement with a bermudian model or commercials with bermudians in them? No one is ever compensated and their images are used just the same. I can’t believe people who literally wear masks are getting preference over people who’s faces sell products. Only in bermuda smfh. By the way no one outside of bermuda, who hasn’t visited before knows wth a gombey is. It is from Native culture yet never seen a Native being represented. Where’s the compensation

  2. Lion Paw says:

    Thank you Mr Dickinson as well as the gentleman interviewed I am more informed and will be appreciative of any future work done using any groups image.