RA: New Renewable Energy Feed-In-Tariff Rate

October 4, 2019

The Regulatory Authority today [Oct 4] announced that after “conducting a thorough and complete solar PV analysis to establish a new Feed-in-Tariff [FIT] for Bermuda’s solar PV distributed generators [Gs], the FIT has been revised from 0.1736 [$/kWh] to $0.2265 per kilowatt hour [kWh], and will take effect on October 7, 2019.”

The RA said, “The FIT is the pre-determined rate at which renewable energy is purchased by the public utility from residential or commercial solar DGs, for the excess electricity they generate and feed into the grid. In Bermuda, DG’s are primarily small-scale solar customers with renewable energy systems below 500kW, but may also include wind or other renewables generation sources. Note: The FIT will be reviewed before 2022.”

For more information regarding the FIT, please see the Feed In Tariff Decision and Order at www.ra.bm.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Good news but still not enough, RA. I would like to see it almost on par with what we pay in electricity $0.44 kWh, which is similar to the feed in tariff pricing they have in Europe.

    Why should my panels on my roof which produce excess power when I am not home make a 50% profit for BELCO to sell to another customer who is just next door? All BELCO had to do was distribute it. The feed in tariff should be an incentive, not a deterrent! With storage prices plumetting, there is more incentive for me to buy a home battery to keep my excess energy and if everyone does this who has panels, it will spell the death spiral of the utility. Change is coming. Power to the people!

    RA, we are paying your department enormous amounts of money to represent us, the the public, and you need to take another look at the feed in tariff because something is still not right!