Bermuda Executive Forum Held In London

November 27, 2019

Premier David Burt recently attended the Bermuda Executive Forum, held at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House in London.

A spokesperson said, “The strong and historic economic, political and cultural ties that exist between Bermuda, the UK and the U.S. set the scene for the Bermuda Executive Forum, held at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London.

“Under the theme ‘Navigating Disruption for Positive Change’, the U.S. Ambassador to the UK, Robert Wood Johnson, the UK’s Sir Nicholas Soames, former Conservative Member of Parliament, and Bermuda Premier David Burt started the day with a wide-ranging conversation that touched on geopolitics, technology, digital disinformation, the need for lifetime education and how the solid relationship between the three countries becomes even more important during the current climate of change.”

Roland Andy Burrows, CEO of the BDA; David Burt, Bermuda Premier; Fiona Luck, Non-Executive Director, Lloyd’s of London Franchise Board; Robert Wood Johnson, US Ambassador to the UK, and Sir Nicholas Soames, Former Conservative Member of Parliament:

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Premier Burt said, “We had a fascinating panel with our friends from the UK and the U.S., demonstrating the importance of the relationship and the value Bermuda has to offer the global marketplace, including our ability to adapt quickly to change and keep pace with the times.

“This event provides an excellent platform for us to speak directly with prospective businesses and investors based in London and to spread the word about Bermuda. For those who are serious about raising capital in a well-regulated and well-respected jurisdiction, and deploying it in the most efficient manner possible, Bermuda is the place for you.”

The spokesperson said, “Sir Nicholas referred to the triangle of Bermuda, the UK and the U.S. as an important force for good and highlighted how Bermuda continues to punch above its weight in the world while Ambassador Johnson expressed his admiration for how successful Bermuda has been as a small but beautiful island and how it continues to play a leading role in many areas.

“Moderated by Fiona Luck, Non-Executive Director for the Lloyds of London Franchise Board and a Bermuda [re]insurance industry expert, the opening conversation was a highlight of an agenda packed with informative panels outlining global trends and showcasing the Bermuda market’s strengths across a range of industries—from re/insurance and asset management to trusts, family offices and fintech, as well as networking opportunities.”

Arthur Wightman, Regional Markets Leader and Insurance Leader and Bermuda Territory Leader, PwC Caribbean; Robert Childs, Non-Executive Chairman, Hiscox; David Burt, Bermuda Premier; Jeremy Cox, Executive Chair, Bermuda Monetary Authority [BMA]; Kevin Dallas, CEO, Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA]; and Dr. Dominic Thomas-James, Senior Research Fellow, The Centre for International Documentation on Organised and Economic Crime, Cambridge, UK:

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“More than 130 business leaders and investors attended the event with a team of Bermuda representatives from across government, industry and the regulatory authority. The forum was the seventh in a successful series hosted by the Bermuda Business Development Agency [BDA] in cities of strategic importance to the Island, including New York, Toronto and Miami.”

Roland Andy Burrows, CEO of the BDA, said, “London is an important market to Bermuda, so hosting this event has been incredibly valuable as we look to encourage further direct investment to the Island. It has been a successful day, allowing us an opportunity to engage with existing and new business partners.

“It’s evident our markets share many commonalities which bodes well for the future and, despite the current political backdrop in the UK, the level of participation and interest in Bermuda remains strong.”

The spokesperson said, “The forum’s lunchtime keynote was Paul Gillen, Managing Director, Security Operations and Intelligence at Barclays and previously head of operations at Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre.

“He delivered an engaging talk, sharing insights into the spectrum of impacts and the global reach of cyber threats, as well as the ways in which proactive strategies and efforts continue to serve businesses well in protecting themselves across industries.

“Numerous business development meetings and introductions took place on the sidelines of the event, which concluded with a networking reception followed by the Bermuda Society’s 33rd Annual Dinner. A dedicated forum, ‘Beyond Convergence,’ focusing on insurance-linked securities [ILS], whose global market capacity Bermuda dominates, takes place today hosted by ILS Bermuda.”

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    We never hear how much all the ministers trips cost anymore. Just add it to the ballooning debt, and how much the BIG EVENT golf lost, I mean made!

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      We certainly don’t hear anything about what is accomplished, outside of simply meeting with people.

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    to ask for transperency is only worthwhile if you are in Opposition.
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