Island Joins Global “Purple Tuesday” Campaign

November 8, 2019

Local businesses are invited to pledge their commitment to accessibility and inclusion when Bermuda recognises “Purple Tuesday” next week.

The November 12 initiative is part of a global campaign spearheaded locally by the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] and its Accessibility Working Group to advocate for the disabled.

“Purple Tuesday is about many things, but for us one thing is most important: people with disabilities deserve a high-quality customer experience,” said Glenn Jones, the BTA’s Chief Experience Development Officer.

“Although Purple Tuesday is just one day on the calendar, the objective is to make accessibility a top-of-mind, relevant issue 365 days a year. It’s the right thing to do from an inclusion perspective—and also from an economic perspective, because disabled people and their families have massive spending power.”

Purple Tuesday Campaign Bermuda Nov 2019

A spokesperson said, “As part of the worldwide campaign, the BTA launched a registration drive to encourage local tourism businesses to participate in sensitivity training next year that will make them more welcoming to disabled customers.

“The sign-up drive is already underway online and ramps up next Tuesday at a central activation point outside Hamilton City Hall. Home base for online signup will be from now until November 19.

“The actual training, partly funded by the BTA, will take place in January. Companies and individuals can register in advance using an online form or can speak with accessibility advocates in Hamilton on November 12, where sign-up details are taken in-person and additional information is available.

Purple, a UK-based advocacy group, is behind the effort encouraging businesses around the world to make at least one concrete step toward an improved customer experience for disabled persons.

“The BTA is focusing efforts on sensitivity training because it’s a soft skill that makes an immediate positive impact for visitors and locals alike. The campaign seeks to raise awareness about every kind of disability, from deafness, blindness and speech and mobility impairments to hidden disabilities, such as mental health conditions.”

“In our advocacy work, we’ve noticed many in our community are unaware of the issues facing those with disabilities in Bermuda every day,” Jones added.

“This initiative is part of a National Tourism Plan effort to ensure Bermuda becomes a more accessible destination for people with disabilities, an effort that will not only set our island apart but also benefit Bermudians, too.”

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