BEDC Entrepreneurship Education Awards

December 17, 2019

On Friday, November 22nd, the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation [BEDC] hosted the annual Entrepreneurship Education Awards.

The dinner and awards ceremony celebrates entrepreneurs that have demonstrated continued dedication to growth in their businesses by taking the educational courses and workshops that BEDC offers throughout the year.

“At the Entrepreneurship Education Awards, BEDC acknowledges entrepreneurs that have invested in their businesses by investing in themselves and have taken on the challenge of learning new skills, sharpening their minds and keeping up with the latest trends,” states Jamillah Lodge, BEDC Director of Communication & Development.

Over the last 3 years since BEDC instituted a formal entrepreneurial education regime, 250 entrepreneurs or would be entrepreneurs have graduated from the 4 offered multi-week courses, Think Like an Entrepreneur [Ice House Entrepreneurship Programme]; Entrepreneurship 101; Financial Statements Planning and Costing using QuickBooks Course Part 1 and Part 2.

Erica Smith [BEDC Executive Director], Craig Tyrell [BEDC Board Member], Kim Caisey [BEDC Scholar of the Year Winner], Marico Thomas [Owner of Burger Shack], Nathan Amaral [BEDC Scholar of the Year Winner]

BEDC Entrepreneurship Education Awards Bermuda Dec 2019

Helping to develop a robust entrepreneurial eco-system is one of BEDC’s prime objectives and sharpening the skills and knowledge of hundreds of entrepreneurs annually through educational courses is just one tangible way BEDC aims to achieve this.

Erica Smith, BEDC Executive Director states, “We are proud that a number of Bermuda’s best innovative and creative businesses, such as Rugged Rentals; Gotcha Covered; Fusion 4 Business; Bermy Eats; Maxilous Salon; Drop It; and Media Maven; to name just a few, have all been graduates of BEDC’s multi-week courses over the last 3 years.

“BEDC continues to be committed to developing programmes that support entrepreneurs and acknowledge their accomplishments. Our annual Entrepreneurship Education Awards highlights this and we are proud of this year’s 109 graduates.”

The BEDC Scholar of the year is a special award given to the person that “demonstrates tremendous dedication to learning by taking two or more courses and also having near perfect attendance.”

This year, the Scholar of the Year award was sponsored by Burger Shack, a new business, led by Marico Thomas, who took special interest in wanting to support Bermuda’s entrepreneurs. Burger Shack generously gifted the winners of the Scholar of the Year award with $250 each. This year, BEDC awarded two scholars of the year, Kim Caisey and Nathan Amaral.

A spokesperson said, “BEDC would like to extend a huge thank you to all the participants and to the sponsors that made the Entrepreneurship Education Awards possible this year. Congratulations also to everyone that took courses. Your commitment to entrepreneurship and growth is admirable! For more information about the Entrepreneurship Education Awards, please visit Each entrepreneur received certificates of completion and special awards.”

The 2019 Recipients are as follows:

8-Week Spring 2019 “Think Like an Entrepreneur” Ice House Course

  • Alvone Maybury
  • Arianna Hodgson
  • Carl Vincent
  • Chioke Mederios
  • Cleavon Harris
  • Fiona Douglas
  • Jasmine Simmons
  • Johnathan Simons
  • Kali [Keanne] Bean
  • Khamani Fox
  • Kim Caisey
  • Kimberley Mensah
  • LaKeisha Wolffe
  • Leanna Evans
  • Marquis Caines
  • Michelle White
  • Nathan Amaral
  • Nicole Bean
  • Sandra Dill
  • Solomon Simons
  • Termel Wolfe

8-Week Fall 2019 Entrepreneurship 101 Course

  • Akilah Reid
  • Alyson Thompson
  • Andrew Bell
  • Antoine Brangman
  • Channing Seymour
  • Danice Mapp
  • Danielle Williamson
  • Henry Thomas
  • Je’Brie Hill
  • Kellan Lewis
  • Kim Caisey
  • O’Neil Moore
  • Roslyn Cure
  • Sarah Ible
  • Shakira Williams
  • Shari Scott
  • Shawn Brown
  • Shawnette Smith
  • Stephen Haley
  • Tiara Webb
  • Tony Correia

8-Week Spring 2019 Entrepreneurship 101 Course

  • Alton O’Connor
  • Carl Vincent Jr.
  • Cimeon Tyrrell
  • CJ Stowe
  • Diamond O’Connor
  • Dornette Webb
  • Gemma Belfrage
  • Giles Belfrage
  • Ian Cameron
  • Jaaziah Richardson-Webb
  • Leanna Evans
  • Maurico Bradshaw
  • Michelle White
  • Nathan Amaral
  • Nicole Bean
  • Shannon DeCosta
  • Shawana-Lynn Perry
  • Tahj Bell
  • Tom Reed

8-Week Fall 2019 Financial Statements, Planning & Costing using QuickBooks – Part 1

  • Claire McDevitt
  • Diana DeSilva
  • Jessica James
  • Judson Williams
  • Kellan Lewis
  • Kim Caisey
  • Leanne Torres
  • Mercedes Pringle
  • Sandra Dill
  • Sharonlyn Lovelle
  • Tallent Clark
  • Therese Carroll
  • Tony Correia
  • Wendie Warren

8-Week Spring 2019 Financial Statements, Planning & Costing using QuickBooks – Part 1

  • Andria Francis
  • Arianna Hodgson
  • Bernadette Ingemann
  • Carmalita Simmons
  • Charlene Rego
  • CJ Stowe
  • Cleophea Darrell
  • Crystal Caesar
  • Deveene Burchall
  • Donald Windfield
  • Donette Webb
  • Fiona Douglas
  • Heather Kirby
  • Jennifer Perinchief
  • Jodi Virgil
  • Johniemae Wilkinson
  • Khamani Fox
  • Kim Caisey
  • Micah Smith
  • Michelle White
  • Mirah Ingemann
  • Nadia Laws
  • Nathan Amaral
  • Raphael Williams
  • Stacy Grant

8-Week 2019 Financial Statements, Planning for Profit using QuickBooks – Part 2

  • Andrea Hayward
  • Everton Dawes
  • Ian Stephens
  • Katherine Fisher
  • Kim Caisey
  • LaKeisha Wolffe
  • Marquis Caines
  • Maxine Famous
  • Susann Smith
  • Velda Franco

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