Pow Wow 2020 To Be Held In June In St David’s

February 27, 2020

St. David’s Islanders and Native Community is getting set to host its bi-annual Pow Wow on June 6 and June 7 at Lords, St. David’s County Cricket Club.

A spokesperson said, “Since the first Reconnection in 2002, the bi-annual event, which displays the local customs of our community and our invited Native friends, has progressed over the years as an event not to be missed.

“In November 2019, after serving as Chairman for eight years, Nives Filice stepped down and Terlena Murphy was elected as the Committee’s new Chairman. Ms. Murphy, who has served on the committee since 2007 [first as Secretary, then Vice Chair] is excited to be taking on the role as Chairman as the Committee begins its preparations for Pow Wow 2020.”

Ms. Murphy said, “It is an honor to take on this role as we begin our preparations to host our friends and guests for this year’s pow wow.

“There is much work to be done and I am pleased to have Stephen Tucker as Vice Chairman, Anthony Paynter, Treasurer, Janet DeBraga, Secretary and Antione Lugo, Assistant Treasurer, as the executive team to execute the mission of the Committee. Already, they have shown great heart and dedication towards getting tasks accomplished to progress our initiatives.”

Slideshow from Pow Wow 2018 in St David’s


Mrs. Filice said, “It has been an honor to serve as Chairman. One of the most important things we are trying to establish as a Committee is the regaining of cultural identity that was lost during slavery. Our Native American ancestors were brought to Bermuda from east coast tribes and were banned from spiritual practices and beliefs.

“We have been fortunate that our east coast cousins never gave up their search for us when we reconnected; they were excited to teach us what we had lost. Our pow wows have demonstrated that we are gaining back our native culture and led this cultural awakening during the years I served as Chairman. This will continue to gain momentum under Terlena’s leadership.”

Ms. Murphy said, “Each pow wow is an opportunity for persons to heal any past hurts, celebrate life and reconnect with family and friends.

“This year, we will honor the lives of Patricia Stines-Raynor, Blue Blanket, our former Secretary and Mrs. Theresa Simpson a supportive Committee member. Both were beautiful women whom each served our Committee unselfishly.

“It is our hope that people will come and learn something about us, and themselves as we give thanks to those who came before us. Please save the dates of June 6 & 7. We will share more information as we draw closer to the event.”

The spokesperson said, “The St. David’s Islanders and Native Community is a registered charity that invites persons of all native cultures to participate on their Committee.”

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