Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For January 2020

February 1, 2020

Bernews posted more than 150 videos across our various social networks during January 2020, and the most viewed videos included the boat fire in Dockyard, CCTV footage of a suspect in a firearms incident, the Queen Victoria cruise ship, a rainbow, weather conditions, boxing and more.

Top Most Viewed Videos For January 2020

As far as Facebook videos, the top one for the month was the rainbow over North Shore, Devonshire with almost 20,000 views, the second was Queen Victoria cruise ship in Dockyard, and the third was the windy weather conditions.

On Instagram, the most viewed video for the month was the City of Hamilton 3D projection show, the second was windy weather conditions, and the third was the boat fire in Dockyard.

The most watched Twitter video was the crowd enjoying the vibe at ringside, the second was the boat fire in Dockyard, while the third was Gombeys celebrating the New Year.

#1 – | Boat Fire in Dockyard, January 12

#2 – Police Video: Suspect In Firearms Incident On Angle Street, January 9

#3 – Police On Robbery In Washington Mall, January 29

#4 – Queen Victoria Cruise Ship In Dockyard, January 18

#5 – Weather Conditions On North & South Shore, January 5

#6 – Onion Drops In St George’s To Welcome 2020, January 1

#7 – Rainbow & Windy Conditions On North Shore, January 17

#8 – Hamilton Medical Center Installs MRI Technology, January 28

#9 – Aliana King Featured in Aveda Commercial, January 4

#10 – Boxers Nikki Bascome & Ryan Oliver Weigh In, January 17

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