‘CURB Will Work With Mr. Brannon To Help Him’

March 5, 2020

Noting that they “strongly condemn the language used by Tony Brannon,” CURB said they plan to work with Mr Brannon to “help him on this journey towards understanding how race and its antecedents have negatively impacted the Black community.”

This follows after Mr Brannon, a well known local entertainer, referred to members of the Government as “cockroaches” on social media on at least two occasions.

““I am sorry for what I said, not only because it was racist but also because it was inhumane,” Mr Brannon subsequently said. “I have done some research on this, and now realize that what I posted was offensive and I understand the weight of it now. I have reached out to Lynne Winfield re: doing the CURB course.”

A spokesperson from Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda said, “CURB strongly condemns the language used by Tony Brannon recently on his Facebook page. Mr. Brannon has a history of this type of racist and insensitive remarks and we find it offensive and inciteful.

“What is even more shocking is the number of people who supported his comments, which is indicative of the level of work CURB still has to do.

“We note that Mr. Brannon has made an apology and likewise we know how hard it may be for some members of the public to accept his apology when one knows the history of his repeated insults.

“He has admitted that what he said was racist and inhumane and has reached out to us with the view of educating himself through our various programmes. This demonstrates his willingness to take steps towards reconciliation with the Black community, in particular, and begin the process of change.

“Because of the repeated offences by Mr. Brannon, we accept that there will be a high level of mistrust directed toward him. By working with us, he affords himself the opportunity to slowly begin to build that community trust.

“It should be noted that others have posted similar Facebook posts in the last three years, resulting in community outrage, and these individuals have not taken accountability for their actions; with one defending their supposed innocent intentions and the other failing to apologise to the community. This is the very reason that we continue to run our programmes.

“CURB will work with Mr. Brannon to help him on this journey towards understanding how race and its antecedents have negatively impacted the Black community, and encourage others who want a better Bermuda for all to join with him.”

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