Black History Timeline Available For Purchase

November 8, 2020

1604875272 curb bookThe “Black History in Bermuda: Timeline Spanning Five Centuries” book is now available in hardcopy for purchase.

A spokesperson said, “Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda [CURB] is excited to announce that Black History in Bermuda: Timeline Spanning Five Centuries is now available in hardcopy for purchase.

“The publication, created with the support of the Human Rights Commission, was released digitally early October. CURB has been humbled by the excitement and gratitude of readers who are encountering much of this pertinent history for the first time.

“Due to the nature of its work, CURB has been required to conduct a wealth of historical research. This research has provided essential context in understanding how race was embedded into the Bermudian experience, and how legacy issues of these historical actions persist into the present and require reparative attention.

“The timeline gives a century-by-century breakdown of the numerous laws and practices that defined 218 years of chattel slavery in Bermuda, from 1616-1834, and also thoroughly itemizes the social, political and economic spectrums of racial disenfranchisement and segregation that were the bases of post-emancipation Bermuda from 1834-1971, 137 years.

“The book seeks to address the many gaps in Bermuda’s collective knowledge of our history, especially the history in regards to race and racial oppression, in a manner that allows once obscure or even hidden stories to come to the forefront in an accessible, single source.

“This research, collected over more than a decade, has been the foundation of much of CURB’s advocacy and programming, including research papers, public consultation submissions, its Truth & Reconciliation Community Conversations as well as its various workshops and trainings, which in recent months have received unprecedented demand.

“The timeline builds on previous Bermuda history publications from former Commission for Unity and Racial Equality [CURE] and we are grateful for the review and/or assistance of a number of Bermudian historians and community members who are all cited and acknowledged in the book. CURB again wishes to extend its deepest gratitude to them.

Black history in Bermuda Nov 8 2020

“CURB has received hundreds of pre-orders and expects the demand to remain steady. Copies are available at People’s Pharmacy, The Griot, Bermuda Book Store, the Bookmart at Brown & Co, and Long Story Short in St. George’s and the organization is grateful to these businesses for carrying the publication. Copies can also be purchased directly from CURB by emailing or calling 707-1496.”

The cost is $25.

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  1. Naomi Bean says:

    I would like to purchase this book please. Please email me with the price.
    I live in Somerset, any chance of putting some in the pharmacy.