Unemployment Benefit Application Now Available

March 25, 2020

The Covid-19 Unemployment Benefit application is now live on the Government website, and eligible employees are welcome to apply.

Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports Lovitta Foggo said, “We are pleased to advise that applications for the Government’s Unemployment Benefit are now available and can be found here.

“If you are unemployed as a direct result of Covid-19, please review the form and provide the necessary information so that we can assist you.

“We strongly encourage you to fill out the forms online. That is the most safe and expeditious way of completing this process. We are committed to helping those who are facing economic hardships as a result of Covid-19.”

Covid19 Unemployment Benefit application Bermuda March 2020

The poster said, “Applications can be made online at www.gov.bm and via the Job Board. Application forms are available at the Hamilton Post Office lobby. We strongly encourage employees to apply online and use the help line number 297-7714 and 297-7716 should they require assistance.”

The Unemployment Benefit is for eligible employees not currently on Financial Assistance and provides a payment of 60% of their gross earnings up to a maximum of $500 per week, and employees eligible must meet the definition of an employee under the Employment Act 2000 and be either Bermudian, spouse of a Bermudian, PRC, or work permit holder with a valid work permit who is unable to leave Bermuda owing to travel restrictions.

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

Officials are urging everyone to please follow all guidance like washing your hands, adhering to self quarantine if relevant, and practicing social distancing, and they have asked that if it is not urgent, a necessity or work, to please stay home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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  1. RAW says:

    What is the definition of employee per the ACT? Do part time workers benefit ?

  2. Confused says:

    How are we supposed to submit when our we are unable to provide the copies required due to business closures?

  3. Jack Archer says:

    is anything planned for the self-employed?

  4. If you have been following the press conferences that the Premier has been doing on a regular basis, all the information to the above questions has been thoroughly covered and for those that may just be connecting to the latest information, Bernews has done an excellent job in keeping the community informed, and all pass information is still available here on Bernews.

    Full time Employed individuals, semi/part time employees and self employed employees, are all eligible for the unemployment benefits, as long as you employed in any of the categories stated here, before the Corona Virus shut down here in Bermuda.

    Anyone who was unemployed prior to are not beneficiaries under the Act: those individuals have to deal the Department of Financial Assistance. Again any updates needed, Bernews is doing a great job in keeping us informed of the latest as it happens, The Premier has also done a splendid job at keeping us updated via the Government website and his personal Facebook page. So the information is there for all to see.

  5. Charlly X says:

    What about those employees who’s employers who haven’t been paying persons mandatory contributions ?
    You should just be able to supply proper identity and last pay slip

  6. liedto says:

    “are all eligible for the unemployment benefits” is nothing but hogwash, both immediate and secondary family tried to apply and got turned down in favor of guest workers! Don’t believe gov or santucci!

    • bdaguy says:

      I know a few expects who could have left the island before any curfew cam out in-place they could of left the island and came back when it was all over with but they staid and they put this on there face book and now they are getting the money from this but i put in before they did and i have not received anything and they have not email me to tell me if i am getting it or not once more Canadians EXPECTS COME BEFORE Bermudians how many Bermudians has got it because i am still waiting i put it in when it first came on line, but if i don’t get it i will not pay Tex again i will do all me jobs for cash when we get back to thing,

  7. karthik says:

    Right now I don’t have bank account so still now I don’t get unemployment benefits if have any opportunity to get pls let me know very difficult to stay with out job and salary