RA: No Decision Made About 5G In Bermuda

April 6, 2020

Noting there were some “social media postings this past weekend inciting the vandalism of cell towers,” the Regulatory Authority [RA] is “restating and reaffirming that no decision has been made” regarding 5G technology in Bermuda.

A spokesperson said, “The Regulatory Authority [RA] is today restating and reaffirming that no decision has been made regarding the deployment of the Fifth Generation [5G] technology in Bermuda. This statement is in response to the following:

  • “Concerns circulating in the community that 5G services are being provided in Bermuda;
  • “Reports received from a provider of electronic communications that customers were extremely hostile towards technical teams when they were near cell sites to repair faults; and
  • “There were some social media postings this past weekend inciting the vandalism of cell towers.”

Denton Williams, Chief Executive of the RA said: “I can categorically state that the RA has not come to any conclusion on the viability of 5G technology for Bermuda. Our process is to first carry out a detailed study, which will be conducted within the coming months.

“Further, the RA will not make any decisions without first providing opportunities for the public and stakeholder groups to respond during our normal public consultation process. Threatening technical workers, who are undoubtedly managing residential service issues, is both unnecessary and unacceptable. I want our community to understand that there are zero 5G services in Bermuda.”

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Comments (8)

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Lol here we go. Internet conspiracies run amok.

    People doing more damage to themselves by drinking than 5G ever will.

  2. Love my People says:

    Please do a very thorough check on rhis 5g, we do not need it here

  3. Micro says:

    Cell tower radiation is non-ionising. It’s safer than the properties of light that allow us to see colour.

  4. Reality says:

    They really take us for idiots.

  5. Drumcore says:

    People relax there is nothing you can do to stop it delay maybe but not stop it’s coming like it or not just get ready whatever that means for you

  6. Boogie Man says:

    you would NEED to come clean with this 5G situation IMMEDIATELY! BEFORE this little island paradise sinks.

  7. Bermyindian says:

    After Corona we would be fools to implement 5G. If the Corona virus doesn’t wake us up nothing will.