RA: BTC Have Withdrawn ‘Fair Usage’ Policy

August 26, 2016

The Regulatory Authority said they investigated BTC’s Fair Usage Policy relating to its internet services, and informed BTC that it “was in breach of various license conditions, regulations and determinations,” and BTC have withdrawn the policy.

The statement said, “The Regulatory Authority [RA] has reviewed and investigated Bermuda Telephone Company’s [BTC] new Fair Usage Policy relating to its internet services.

“The RA informed BTC that its new Fair Usage Policy was in breach of various license conditions, regulations and determinations.

“As such, BTC was directed by the RA to withdraw its new Fair Usage Policy, revert to its previous policy and to notify all of its customers of this change through its website, customer bills and notice in the local paper no later than 30 August, 2016. BTC have informed the RA that the new Fair Usage Policy has been withdrawn.

RA Chief Executive Matthew Copeland said, “The RA has a remit to protect the interests of consumers and ensure that providers of internet and broadband services comply with relevant regulation.

“When BTC introduced its new Fair Usage Policy we had immediate related concerns which led to the RA investigating the matter. Following a letter to BTC specifying various areas of regulatory non – compliance and planned RA actions, BTC agreed to withdraw the new Fair Usage Policy.”

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  1. Charlie says:

    As the big print giveth, the small print shall taketh away.

    Customers can expect a rate rise after this. Profit margins must be maintained – let’s see what the RA does about that…