Secret Episode Of Ocean Vet Revealed

April 6, 2020

The producers of Ocean Vet, which stars Dr. Neil Burnie and Choy Aming, have revealed the upcoming broadcast of a secret episode of the series.

Andy Smith, the series producer, said, “Now is the perfect time to release this special episode as it will hopefully bring everyone a little joy during these dark and difficult days.”

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A spokesperson said, “Dr Neil Burnie, the noted veterinarian and fisherman who is well known as the Ocean Vet the world over, tragically passed away on November the 11th 2014 just after 11 am after running into difficulties while diving at Horseshoe Bay Beach.

“Days before the tragic accident, Neil was able to narrate one full episode of the famous TV series, and the producers were able to cut it as they originally intended. However, on receiving the news of the tragedy, the episode was shelved, and the producers were tasked with completing the series without Neil’s narration.

“After several weeks, the producers and series investors were able to secure Michael Douglas as the new narrator and months of work started to re-work each episode.”

Ocean Vet Director Dan Radford said, “One of the biggest challenges we faced was re-working each episode, so they were suitable for a narrator to deliver a third-person point of view. The series was filmed to carry Neil’s first-person narration. Everyone that knew Neil would know that his energy and passion meant his narration was set to take the series to new heights.

“Neil had a certain way of delivering, and it made all the difference. After all, it was his story.”

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The spokesperson said, “Other parts of the series were also missing, namely Neil’s voice during several underwater pieces to camera. Remarkably, the producers solved this by contracting Alistair McGowan, one of the UK’s most well-known impressionists. Alistair was able to impersonate Neil so they could record the missing dialogue and dub it in to the underwater pieces.”

Mr. Smith said, “Working with Michael Douglas and Alistair McGowan within weeks of losing Neil was surreal. Alistair’s ability to impersonate Neil was very spooky. The biggest challenge was training Alistair how to Scuba dive, so we could record Neil’s voice through Neil’s SCUBA face mask.

“If we couldn’t capture the voice though Neil’s mask, it simply wouldn’t have matched the scene. We needed to physically put Neil back underwater for the recording to work, and Alistair allowed us to do that.”

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The spokesperson said, “The new version of Ocean Vet Turtles narrated by Neil himself follows Neil and Choy as they work alongside the Bermuda Turtle Project, the world’s longest-running sea turtle research project. Neil also deploys his veterinary skills to help save Bermuda’s green sea turtles alongside the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoos’ turtle stranding unit.”

Mr. Smith said, “We held the episode back because for many, releasing it to soon would have been too emotional. It’s a very powerful experience to hear him like this again. I think it needed time to pass.

“It really does make a huge difference to the episode, and when you’re watching, it feels special because you know it’s how he wanted it. While the global pandemic of COVID-19 takes hold, and as Bermuda heads into 14 days of lockdown, Dan and I thought it was the perfect time for Neil to say hello!”

The episode will be available on the Ocean Vet Facebook page and the Gass Productions YouTube channel when released.

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  1. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Dr. Neil Burnie was a remarkable man with amazing skills.
    I met him in middle of the night when he saved my cat’s life.
    Bermuda was blessed to have known this man.

    RIP and Thank You for your service to our Island home.