BCAA Approves Longtail Aviation Cargo Plane

June 11, 2020

The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority [BCAA] announced it has approved the addition of a B747-400F Freighter to Longtail Aviation’s fleet.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority [BCAA] announced the addition of a B747-400F Freighter to Longtail Aviation’s fleet and the Bermuda Aircraft Registry following approval and issuance of Operations Specifications last Friday.

“Longtail Aviation, Bermuda’s only AOC holder [Air Carrier] added the Freighter to its VIP Charter Business as its first dedicated all-cargo aircraft. As Bermuda’s regulator, the BCAA is responsible for the approval of all Longtail Aviation’s commercial air transport, whether it is for passenger or cargo use.”

B747-400F Freighter Bermuda June 2020

Director of Operations at BCCA, Peter Adhemar, said “The BCAA’s rigorous approval process requires Longtail Aviation to comply with a set of very stringent regulations. It is a huge achievement to both BCAA and Longtail to have added this aircraft in such a short timeframe. The process involved a team of five people in Operations and two people in Airworthiness to complete.

“We were working to an ambitious timeline and with COVID-19 travel restrictions in place we developed innovative procedures thanks to the communication advances made available to BCAA staff working from home. This ensured that full regulatory compliance was achieved despite not holding a single face-to-face in office meeting or inspection.”

“This particular aircraft will be used for ad-hoc cargo uplift requirements, which is currently in high demand due to cargo space being greatly reduced as numerous passenger aircraft are grounded. Under floor cargo on passenger aircraft contributed immensely to cargo operations prior to the pandemic.”

Martin Amick, Longtail Aviation CEO, commented, “This is an excellent time to add a heavy-lifting cargo aircraft because the global supply chain is under duress. Additional long-range, heavy aircraft are critically needed to move medical supplies from China to the West and this new aircraft will help meet that need.”

Peter Adhemar added, “As always, it has been a pleasure working with the Longtail Aviation team on this venture and we look forward to continuing our partnership and continuing to upkeep the highest standards for Bermuda-based Aviation.”

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  1. trufth says:

    Lots of high net worth individuals leaving the island soon (just check out Property Skipper for the insanely large number of high end rentals now available $15k – $22k range). Can this aircraft be used to help them move off island?

  2. Jack says:

    Stop scare mongering. There are always lots of those category of properties for rent in bermuda. notbhing new there. The government said that it has a pro business attitude toward work permit approvals and the stories that they are rejecting everything at the moment is not true. Especially for high new worth work permit holders.