Time Lapse Video: Black Lives Matter Sandcastle

June 6, 2020

The Bermuda Sandcastle Competition organisers recently created a Black Lives Matter themed sandcastle on Elbow Beach.

Black Lives Matter Sandcastle Bermuda June 2020

Posting the images and videos within this article on the Bermuda Sandcastle Competition’s Instagram page, Hannah Emmerson said, “I try not to use sandcastles as a political platform, but some issues are too important to be ignored.

“Silence is choosing the side of the oppressor. I stand for #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd, I stand for #Equality and I stand with #BlackLivesMatter.

“I was proud to build this piece today on Elbow Beach and share it with members of the community who stand with me. Together we can be the change the world needs.”

Video courtesy of the Bermuda Sandcastle Competition:

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  1. I Stand With Black Lives Matter, This is a very important Move that must not be used Just as attention seeker’s. Crowds will gather in the Thousands on Sunday on Front Street Bermuda, But will the Real message be heard.

    Bermuda Please Don’t Back Down on the real plight that we face, What has happened in The U.S. is sickening and deplorable but our plight’s have a different twist, and maybe some won’t agree, but we keep looking at other Jurisdictions and Championing their cause, Let us make “A MARK ON HISTORY THAT CAN NOT BE ERASED”

    Let’s Challenge our leaders to deal with Blacks receiving Reparations in our life time for what has been Stolen from us, that white’s are so privilege to enjoy, Let’s deal with a very serious issue amongst our community, Where Whites who were once work permit holders, or spouses of Bermudians, here on permit, who have become Status Bermudians, “PAPER BERMUDIANS” Dr. Eva Hodgson use to refer to, many of these Status Bermudians have become our employer’s who treat Black’s like second class Citizens “Another fight Dr. Eva Hodgson Fought”.

    Please make sure Equality for Black’s must be heard Loud and Clear on a Street that was Predominantly White for Centuries, On Front Street that always represented “WHITE SUPREMACY”. The only fear I have if there is any, That Bermudians will get caught up in The Black Lives Matter Movement Tomorrow, and Center it around “GEORGE FLOYD” and the brutal Killings in The U.S., and truly this is what “WHITE SUPREMACY BERMUDA WANTS TO SEE”. So they are not having to face us in the Black community for what their forefathers created in Bermuda’s past and they as in inheritor’s of their forefathers wealth get to enjoy a comfortable life.

    Finally in Black Lives Matter Bermuda, LET’S NOT FORGET OUR BLACKS WHO BUILT THIS COUNTRY, WITH BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS, THAT WHITE SUPREMACY LIKES TO TAKE CREDIT FOR. To all The Black unsolved Murders in Bermuda, Please have Plaque Cards and Say Their names. Marching Down a Street and shouting”GEORGE FLOYD” Will not resolve “BERMUDA’S BLACK LIVES” Issues.

  2. Vortex says:

    Words that have never been said before; “I try not to use sandcastles as a political platform.”