Video: ‘Love Letters’ To Bermuda From Visitors

June 1, 2020

The Bermuda Tourism Authority recently released a video that highlighted messages from visitors from the United States and Canada, with the sentiments including the exclamation that Bermuda is “the most beautiful place on Earth.”

A visitor from Warwick, Rhode Island said, “Bermuda is where my soul is soothed. I’ve not found another place like her,” while a resident of Missouri City, Texas highlighted the activities available on the island, saying, “Pink sand, snorkeling with parrot fish. Trips here are some of the best memories of my life.”

A message from Southport, North Carolina praised Bermuda’s people, saying, “Bermuda is beautiful; but her people, their gracious welcome to visitors, their generosity of spirit is what makes it my destination of choice,” while a visitor from New Jersey echoed that sentiment by saying, “It’s our home away from home!”

Messages from Canada included praise for the breadth of Bermuda’s offerings, with a visitor from New Brunswick saying, “I love that it is much more than just beaches. Rich in history, great cuisine, world-class golf, and so much more.”

The messages are rounded out by a visitor from Strathroy, Ontario, who simply said, “The most beautiful place on Earth!”

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