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The Bermuda Union of Teachers [BUT] paid tribute to the late Dr. Eva Hodgson, saying they are ”extremely proud to count Dr. Hodgson as a past president,” adding that she ”will remain a giant amongst Bermudian freedom fighters of the past, and an inspiration for Bermudian freedom fighters to come.”

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Union of Teachers [BUT] would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of the venerable Dr. Eva Naomi Hodgson on the unfortunate occasion of her recent passing. Dr. Hodgson lived a warrior’s life, fighting tooth and nail for the dignity, enrichment, and betterment of her people at every turn.

“Indeed Dr. Hodgson sacrificed comforts throughout her journey as she brought pressure to bear on the historic forces of white hegemony that still prevail today. Dr. Hodgson was a symbol of black brilliance throughout her life, and the intransigent spirit of the righteous freedom fighter emanated from every syllable she ever wrote, recorded, or uttered. She was a giant in Bermuda’s struggle for racial equality, civil rights, and human rights.

“The BUT is extremely proud to count Dr. Hodgson as a past president. She served as the very first President of the Amalgamated Bermuda Union of Teachers [ABUT] from 1964 to 1966, and was honored for this historic achievement during our Centenary celebrations last year. Below is a reprinting of Dr. Hodgson’s brief biography that appeared in our Centenary Gala Magazine, which can be found here:

Dr. Eva Hodgson, Past President, 1964-1966

Dr. Hodgson is well known for her constant commitment to addressing racism faced by blacks in Bermuda. Through her work, she founded the non-profit organization The National Association for Reconciliation. She was raised with strong religious convictions and a deep concern for social justice.

Dr. Hodgson spent several years away from Bermuda receiving her education and went on to gain three Masters Degrees as well as a PhD in African and Black American History. She was a geography teacher at The Berkeley Institute, and in 1983, she was seconded to the Department of Education in a bid to preserve oral history and introduce human rights in the social science and civics curriculum.

She remains to this day a well-respected and out-spoken race advocate as she is best known as a veteran campaigner for civil rights. Most notably, Dr. Hodgson was the first president of the Amalgamated Bermuda Union of Teachers [joint union between the B.U.T. and the Teachers’ Association of Bermuda - T.A.B]. She was appointed an OBE in 2011 for her commitment to addressing racial inequality.

“We love you Dr. Hodgson; we will miss your unflinching strength and courage, and we will honor you as a national hero in the struggle for racial equality and human rights for as long as this country exists. You will remain a giant amongst Bermudian freedom fighters of the past, and an inspiration for Bermudian freedom fighters to come,” the B.U.T. said.

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