Limit On People At Gatherings Remains At 50

July 7, 2020

The Bermuda Police Service is reminding the public that the “limit for public and private gatherings remains at 50 persons unless under a permit from the Ministry of National Security.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes said, “We have now entered Phase four of the island’s reopening plan ‘New Normal’ which has seen the relaxation a number of previous restrictions.

“We, however, urge the public to not let their guard down and to continue to do their part to prevent the further spread of the virus.

“Please be reminded that the limit for public and private gatherings remains at 50 persons [unless under a permit from the Ministry of National Security] with strict guidelines including the wearing of face coverings and physical distancing.

“The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] has been made aware of a number of neighbourhood events that have attracted crowds in excess of the 50-person limit and plans to hold similar large gatherings in neighbourhoods and parks.

“We refer those organising such gatherings to the guidance available at

“The BPS will be meeting with organisers of gatherings to ensure compliance with the regulations and will be monitoring crowds at recurring neighbourhood events and will take the necessary measures to hold organisers accountable. Please report any breaches to the BPS COVID portal.

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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Comments (7)

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  1. Dejavu says:

    If doesn’t apply to the government it doesn’t apply to the public…sorry

  2. Donderered says:

    Timing is everything LOL

  3. Now Ya Nice says:

    Okay folks . Let’s put aside our political opinions and do the right thing in the name of safety.

    Unfortunately. DeSilva and Caines and many others that night acted fooishly and have had to pay the price. Let’s not be ignorant and make things difficult ….just because . The price we pay may be our lives, or grannies, or dads, and so on.

    Let’s keep it together. One Love

  4. Hmmm says:

    Can the police elaborate on the consequences of having a gathering of greater than 50 people or breaking any other of the distancing/mask rules?

    Asking for a couple of friends.

  5. Enough Already says:

    This is approaching the absurd. Enough controlling . Enough heavy handed regulations. This entire issue is beginning to smell like something more.
    Enough is enough.
    Let the island open up and return to some level of normalcy.

    • Clear View says:

      I guess you haven’t been tuning it to what’s been happening in Florida and Texas.

      • Enough Already says:

        I am well in tune. Remember, our goal was to “flatten the curve”
        We could see “ 850 deaths or a better case scenario of 270 dead” David Burt, Premier
        We have 9.
        We cannot have our hospital overrun and cripple
        Our health system.
        Done. We have zero
        In the hospital
        This virus will be with us for many many months and conceivably, years. We need to learn how to safely
        Live with it.
        Our elders and those with underlying medical conditions should,
        Quite rightly, be sheltered and segregated from the east of us. The rest of the population, now that we fully understand the low
        Death rate that is less than the flu for our healthy under “60’s”, should get back to their normal lives and open the island fully
        now. Fear is a debilitating disease in and of itself. Sad that it dragged down so many of us . Enough already.