$18,000 In Fines For Traffic Offences Last Week

August 25, 2020

Traffic offenders “contributed just over $18,000 to the government coffers after appearing in Magistrates Court last week,” the police said, with people being fined for offences including driving whilst impaired, driving unlicensed/uninsured vehicles, and speeding – with excessive speeds recorded of up to 82Kmph.

A police spokesperson said, “The BPS can report that last week saw traffic offenders contribute just over eighteen thousand dollars to the government coffers after appearing in Magistrates Court.

“Offenders who appeared before the Courts incurred fines for a slew of traffic offences including driving whilst impaired, driving unlicensed and uninsured vehicles, and no driver’s license. Speeding fines were also heavily represented, with excessive speeds recorded, ranging from 61Kmph, to 82Kmph.”

Reflecting on these figures, Inspector Charlene Thompson, the officer in charge of the Roads Policing Unit, [RPU], said: “Officers from the Roads Policing Unit are not happy handing out tickets or bringing people to court. We would much prefer to be handing out rewards for safe driving, as we have with our bottled water campaign, which was started last weekend.

“The RPU, supported by patrol officers in other areas of the Service, will maintain a visible and robust presence across the island and will not hesitate to take the necessary action against those road users who ignore the rules of the road which have been put in place to ensure the safety of all road users.

Inspector Thompson added: “There is absolutely no need for anyone to be driving at 82 kilometres per hour. The threat to life and limb posed by a vehicle being driven at that speed on our narrow winding roads is immense. It is this type of behaviour that we must eliminate.”

Supporting Inspector Thompson, Mr. Martin Weekes, Assistant Commissioner of Police stated: “The BPS, whilst being proactive in the issuing of traffic Summonses to motorists where offences occur, are very clear that poor driving habits cannot be fixed by the police and courts alone. A joined up approach to Road Safety is the only way we can reduce the number of collisions and save lives on the roads in Bermuda. “

He added: “We will continue to work with our partners in the Road Safety Council and CADA to help educate the public and to look at ways to “design out” problem areas and find ways to prevent collisions.

“We are encouraged by the response of the public to Roadside Sobriety Testing and our partners’ efforts to increase vigilance around driving whilst impaired through drink or drugs. We will however continue to show a robust presence on the roads to combat impaired driving, speeding and the flouting of our traffic laws.”

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    I did witness some insane driving on Saturday and Sunday but if you were to work that out, for $18K, that’s not a lot of people caught.

    • S. Simmons says:

      Why not list the offenders and the amount of each fine to shame them all. Driving on our roads has become insane over the COVID crisis! Not one motor or auxiliary bike will remain behind a car on the roads these days! When are we going to install speed cameras on our man roads to slow the madness!!

  2. Maths says:

    And how much did we pay the judges, clerks and security for this same week?

    Are we all stupid? Do we need to go to court for these offenses? Why not set fines up to X km/hr and leave it at that to avoid the court being open this long. Let people apply for not-guilty claims and call it a day!

    Meanwhile in BDA Court: Plaintiff A pleads guilty for DUI and gets $800 fine and Plaintiff B gets $1,200 for the same charge! Blows my mind how these judges work…