Acting Principal Appointments Announced

August 25, 2020

The Department of Education today announced a number of Acting Principal appointments in Bermuda’s public schools.

Commissioner Richards said, “The appointments were made necessary by retirements and resignations and are effective at the start of the new school year, September 1, 2020. The appointments are:

  • Acting Preschool Administrator St. Georges Preschool – Carmon Byron
  • Acting Preschool Administrator Warwick Preschool – Sheryce Raynor
  • Acting Preschool Administrator Lagoon Park – Andrea Tucker
  • Acting Principal Somerset Primary School – Angela Edwards
  • Acting Principal Dellwood Middle School – Luann Wainwright-Dill

The Commissioner added: “These appointments provide staff in the Bermuda Public School System [BPSS] leadership development opportunities that will benefit the public school system as we move forward with School Redesign and the Transformation of our Public School System.”

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  1. Acegurl says:

    Acting Principals?????the Principal positions are being vacated and no one can make a decision about appointing full time employees. Utter nonsense, what leadership is this? Is it part of Department of Education’s mandate to have employees on temporary contracts? What security does that give administrators. If you are unsure of the appointments then put them on probation. The Department of Education is the worst run department in the government portfolio. You need an educator at the top. One who understands the inner mechanics. Not a random businessman. It’s like asking an educator to oversee the running of the hospital.